Training Centers

Our Training Centers

We have several training centers that are at the forefront of innovation education across the Valley.

  • Excellence Training Center (ETC) at Kohli Hall

    This 54,000 state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing technology center is located on Main Campus and is equipped with over $15M of advanced manufacturing and research equipment. From additive manufacturing to industrial electronics and leading the way in advanced robotics, the ETC serves students and industry in developing in-demand capabilities.

  • IT Workforce Accelerator at Silvestri Hall

    Established through industry partnerships with IBM, WIA, Cisco and others, the IT Workforce Accelerator now delivers in-demand IT skills training around software development, cybersecurity, cloud, artificial intelligence, networking and telecommunications.

  • The Data Mine

    An on-campus learning community established in partnership with Purdue University and in collaboration with the College of STEM. YSU students, from any major, study the science of data while applying their knowledge to real world company sponsored projects.

  • Williamson Innovation Park

    Located just south of campus, this 220-acre open air research park will be used by YSU students and area K-12 students to launch their STEM projects for engineering, biosciences, aviation and more! (opening July 2023)