• Testing Center Closure

    Posted on
    March 12, 2020

    Following the policy on large gatherings and social distancing outlined in Youngstown State University’s response to the spread of the corona virus, most in-person testing will be postponed until campus reopens this Fall.  

Youngstown State University's Comprehensive Testing Center

The Comprehensive Testing Office offers a variety of computer and paper based tests such as YSU's placement testing program, the ACT, ACT Residual, GRE (subject only)LSAT,MATPraxisCLEPDSST and SAT exams. As an added service, we also administer a variety of professional exam certifications through our professional test partners,CastleworldwidePSIKryterionPearson and Prov.

The Testing Center also offers Scantron services for faculty and staff. Please refer to "Scanning Services" for more information.

Schedule a Test

To schedule a Miller's Analogies Test, ACT RESIDUAL Test, CLEP Test, or to pay for a proctored exam, select “Schedule a Test."


In order to facilitate a distraction free environment and reduce opportunities for exam dishonesty, we do not allow personal items of any kind in the testing room.

Prohibited items

Prohibited items include but are not limited to: purses, wallets, jewelry larger than 1/4” wide (including watches, bracelets, brooches and fitness bands), backpacks, briefcases, books, reading materials, pencils, pens, erasers, calculators, notebooks, umbrellas, and all electronic devices such as cell-phones, iPads, iPods, media players, computers, cameras, pen drives, etc. Food, drinks, candy and gum are also prohibited inside the computer lab.

Outerwear (coats, jackets, hoodies, hats, scarves, gloves etc.) must be removed and car keys put away prior to entering the Testing room.  

Firearms, knives, and other weapons are not permitted on the YSU campus.

Permitted items

Head coverings worn for religious or medical purposes will be allowed in the testing room after following visual inspection by the test administrator.  Medical bracelets are also permitted after a visual inspection.

Comfort aides, including glasses, insulin pumps, inhalers, braces, bandages, glucose tablets, eye drops and unwrapped cough drops may be taken into the testing room following a visual inspection.  Facial tissues are not permitted except those provided by the Testing Center.