FAQs - National and Graduate Exams

Testing Center FAQ

Q: When are the tests available and what are the deadlines?
A: Only the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) and the CPCE are scheduled by YSU.  Please click on "Schedule a Test" on the YSU Testing Center homepage to make an appointment.  All other exams must be scheduled via the National or Graduate exam company.

Q: Can the Testing Office send me my scores?
A: No.  Test scores are not recorded or saved in the Testing Center. Candidates may obtain previous exam results by contacting the national testing company (GRE, Praxis, Pearson, MAT, LSAC, ACT , SAT and CLEP).

Q: How soon will I receive my score?
A: On average, 3-4 weeks.

Q: How can I register as a Standby?
A: See the Standby procedures, where applicable, on the respective test registration website.

Q: What is the difference between the ACT and the ACT Residual?
A: The ACT is a national test; the scores are reportable to any participating university. The ACT Residual is given by YSU, and the scores are reportable to YSU alone.  Scores are prohibited from being shared to any other institution or entity. Both the ACT and ACT Residual test are accepted by YSU for admission.

Q: Does the Testing Office provide study guides or preparatory courses for the tests?
A: No. As a testing site, it is considered a conflict of interest to provide preparatory materials/courses for the tests.

Q: How long is my test going to take?

A: These are approximations only. Remember you must allow time for check-in and test instructions at the test site:

ACT and ACT Residual: 3.5 hours
GRE: varies--refer to registration booklet
LSAT: 5 hours
MAT: 60 minutes
PRAXIS: varies by exam

Q: What is the required score on the ____ test for me to be accepted into the ____ graduate program?
A: Contact your graduate school for score specific requirements.

Don’t see your question? Call (330) 941-3175 or e-mail the Testing Center.