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The Comprehensive Testing Center provides timely and accurate classroom exam scoring for paper based multiple choice tests.  Our office can scan your classroom exams to collect data and produce multiple reports.  

Classroom Exam Scoring: Processing Policies and Procedures


  1. All faculty members using university scanning services for exam scoring must use Scantron form #4521 which can be purchased through the Scantron Store.  Only scantron purchased through the Scantron Store will be scanned by the Testing Center.  Off-brand scantron forms are not permitted per our service agreement and no exceptions will be made.  Email or call Katie in the Testing Center if you have questions or need the YSU customer number for your purchase.



  1. Exams must be completed on Scantron General Purpose form #4521. Students and Faculty members use the same form.  The master sheet along with the student answer sheets must be completed using a #2 pencil. You may leave the ID grid BLANK on the key sheet. Please indicate your (faculty) name in the "Name" field on the faculty master/key.   Place answer key on top of all other bubble sheets. 
  2. Student forms:  All fields must be left justified. Please require the student name field to be completed. The student id may remain blank or the YSU banner # may be used. Students should never be asked to use their Social Security Numbers.
  3. A #2 pencil must be used to make heavy black marks. Answer sheets completed with pens cannot be processed.  Erase stray marks or writing anywhere but the place indicated. Forms should not be bent, folded, or otherwise mutilated.
  4. Arrange answer documents so that they are all facing in the same direction. Improperly sorted forms will interrupt the optical scanning machine and delay processing. Please be sure that you do not use staples, paper clips, labels, or rubber bands on forms as these can damage the scantron forms and result in delayed processing and/or improper scoring.
  5. Submit only completed sheets for processing. Make sure that no other papers, exam materials or blank answer sheets are included in the envelope, as they will delay processing.
  6. Place answer sheets in an intra-university campus envelope. Please be sure that each individual set of exams are sent in their own intra-university campus envelope accompanied by a Report Request Form indicating which reports you would like back. Click here to print a Report Request FormIf you do not fill out a request form the only results we will be emailing will be the Student Statistics Report.



  1. Please either bring or mail exams for scoring to 154 Maag Library. Office hours are Monday - Friday 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. 
    • ***We will not process scanning requests during University Holidays, or over Winter Break or Spring Break.**
  2. When dropping off exams at the CTC please be sure to sign them in using the Scanning Services Log book that is kept on the front desk. A staff member will be available to take receipt of the exams.



  1. All exam results will be sent electronically via YSU email. When filling out the Report Request Form please be sure to provide your YSU email address. Results will only be sent to an official YSU faculty email account. 
  2. We process a high volume of exams and try to do so in an expeditious manner. Exams that are received prior to 2:00 PM the results will be emailed prior to 5:00 PM that same day. All exams that are received after 2:00 PM the results will be sent via email the following day before 12:00 P.M.
  3. If you need to drop off exams after-hours the testing center has a secure mailbox located in the hallway by the lockers.  We will check the mailbox each morning. Do not use the dropbox mailbox unless the Testing Center door is locked.
  4. Scanning during finals week in the Fall and Spring semesters only will occur three times daily. The deadline for the first scanning is 11:00 AM with results received via email by 1:00. All exams dropped off between 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM the results will be emailed prior to 5:00 PM. All exams that are dropped off after 2:00 PM the results will be available by 11:00 AM the following morning.  The Friday of finals week, all exams delivered before 5:00p.m. will be scored and results returned to you the same day.  
  5. After the exams are scanned, all exam forms will be sent back to your department via campus mail unless clearly indicated on the report request form. If you plan to pick up your exam sheets you will pick them up in room 154 in Maag Library.



  1. If you would like the CTC to hold your exams for pick up, we will hold them for seven days. After seven days, exams will be returned via campus mail.
  2. Exam results will only be released to the instructor of record on the course.
  3. Student grade results will be released to the faculty member's YSU email account only.
  4. At no time will exam results be emailed to a student account. Offices with TA's should contact the CTC at x1344 to discuss how exam results will be returned to TA's. 
  5. Students are not permitted to pick up exam Scantron forms from the CTC. All scanned exams forms will be returned via campus mail unless the faculty of record personally comes to the CTC to retrieve the forms
  6. CTC staff may request to see faculty identification before releasing exam Scantron forms. Acceptable identification must be shown, i.e., YSU ID. 

These policies are in place to ensure the security of student information and student grades. Please contact the office at x1344 if you have any questions or concerns regarding these procedures. We appreciate your cooperation.