Student Employment

Parking Services hires student employees to fill many of the positions within Parking Services. If you are interested in acquiring one of these positions, please fill out an application for employment at our office.


What You Can Expect From Us  

Success of this department depends on employees who have an interest in providing prompt, courteous and accurate service to our customers and community. The following statements of personnel policy are what we intend to follow and provide:

  1. We recognize the fact that our employees are our most important assets.
  2. We will give clear and timely information to each employee about their job responsibilities, their job performance and the University policies and activities that affect them.
  3. We believe that each employee has a right to be treated fairly and considerately by anyone in a position of authority as well as by their associates. Therefore, we will take prompt, fair, considerate action on any complaints of any employee regarding any aspect of their work.
  4. We will do our best to provide and maintain a working environment that is conducive to good health, comfort, safety and efficiency.


Our Expectations  

  1. Fast, Friendly, Courteous Service

    • The foundation of our department is excellent customer relations. Complete customer satisfaction must always be uppermost in your mind. Always be polite and courteous to all customers. People will generally be as nice to you as you are to them.
  2. Knowledgeable, Helpful People  

    • Make every effort to know the area in which you work and the department policies. Customers will appreciate you when they find out that you are knowledgeable and are willing to help them.
  3. Clean Premises

    • The routine cleaning generally leaves the lots/booths in a clean condition. You can help out a great deal if every time there’s a slow period you find some area around you that needs attention and take steps to correct it.


Employer Policies  

  1. Pay Period  

    • We are paid bi-weekly, checks will be available every other Thursday after 3 p.m. at the Payroll Department reflecting current period earnings.
  2. Attendance

    • Your consistent attendance is very important, but if you are unable to work a scheduled day or will be more than 5 minutes late, it is urged that you notify your supervisor. Those working the field operation please call the Control Room at 330-941-3051 and those working in the office call 330-941-7167 and 330-941-3546.
  3. Work Schedules

    • Sign ups will be posted approximately 4 weeks prior to the beginning of each semester. Shifts are filled by seniority within the department. Schedules will be posted one (1) week prior to the semester for your verification, initial your individual schedule. All schedule change requests must be made prior to the beginning of the semester. Once the semester has begun you must meet with the Administrative Assistant or supervisor to check into the possibility of changing your schedule.
  4. Appearance and Cleanliness 
    • A well groomed employee immediately makes a good impression both for the business and employee. Everyone should follow these guidelines. 1. Always offer a sincere smile when involved in any type of customer contact. 2. Personal hygiene should never be forgotten or overlooked. 3. Dress Code: i. Field Personnel: Uniforms must be worn when provided. (Vests, Shirts, Jackets, Smocks etc.) No sandals, dresses, bandanas, clothes with holes or clothing with derogatory sayings or symbols are to be worn. Longer shorts will be allowed Summer Semester, no short shorts. ii. Office Personnel: No hats, bandanas, clothes with holes or clothing with derogatory sayings or symbols are to be worn. Longer shorts will be allowed Summer Semester, no short shorts. 4. When in your work area you must act professional. Feet should only be on the floor.
  5. Parking 
    • There are designated parking spaces for students, faculty/staff and dorm residents. You must purchase a parking permit while employed by Parking Services. While working you must adhere to all rules. For special considerations due to your work location, contact your supervisor.
  6. Probationary Period
    • You are hired on a semester to semester basis. However, as long as you are following the policies and procedures of the department and University you are eligible to work here until you graduate or as long as you desire, which ever comes first.
  7. Telephones and Messages
    • Because telephones must be kept clear for business calls and, customers deserve your undivided attention during a transaction, they are not available for personal calls. Except in the case of emergency or with the permission of your supervisor, otherwise use is prohibited.
  8. Cell Phones
    • Cell phone usage during work hours is discouraged. Cell phones should be used for emergencies only. Attention to your job and surroundings is priority. Cell phone usage while driving a state vehicle is strictly prohibited.
  9. Headphones, Televisions
    • Prohibited!!! No exceptions.
  10. Studying
    • Although we understand your need to study, please understand we rely upon our staff to be attentive to your surroundings. Inform either your supervisor or the YSU Police Department of suspicious actions and hazardous conditions. Use of telephones and our radio system should be utilized to relay information. Pay attention to the cleanliness of your area; take action to insure areas stay clean and equipped with supplies necessary to perform your job.
  11. Theft
    • Customer and employee pilferage is a serious problem. If an employee sees a customer, employee or vendor hide an article of merchandise, the employee should immediately report the incident to the supervisor and take note of license numbers. Under no circumstances is an employee to make an apprehension.
  12. Loitering
    • Customers and your work place deserve undivided attention. For this reason, loitering by family, friends and/or coworkers is prohibited.


Code of Conduct and Discipline

The following is a non-exclusive list of improper conduct which will be subject to corrective actions, including verbal caution, written warning, suspension or dismissal.

  1. Dishonesty of any kind, including but not limited to such conduct as falsification of personnel, payroll or other records, or reports, punching another’s time card, misappropriation of property of the University, its customers or suppliers or that of fellow employee, or destruction or abuse thereof.
  2. Theft
  3. Coming to work under the influence of alcohol or any drug, or bringing alcoholic beverages or drugs onto University property.
  4. Commission of any unlawful act on YSU premises which affects the employee’s relationship to his job or fellow employees. Removal of University property from buildings or premises or vehicles without University authorization.
  5. Willful damage, theft, or defacing property of the University or that of customers or fellow employees.
  6. Fighting or enticing a fight or threatening, intimidating or coercing others on University premises or work time.
  7. Sabotage.
  8. Using abusive, profane, discourteous, disrespectful, false or malicious language in the work place concerning any employee, customer, supervisor or University.
  9. Possession of firearms, or weapons of any kind on University property.
  10. Carelessness or neglect resulting in abuse of equipment and tools.
  11. Inattention to duties, visiting or loafing with family, friends and/or coworkers.
  12. Frequent tardiness or unexcused absence from work.
  13. Improper conduct such as horseplay, running, scuffling, throwing objects or creating a nuisance or disturbance on campus during work time.
  14. Failure to follow dress code.
  15. Cash shortages or overages. You are responsible for making up shortages.
  16. Immoral conduct or indecency.
  17. Employees must be ready to begin work at their scheduled starting time and shall remain at their work places and at work until their scheduled quitting time or until relieved.
  18. There may be other instances where corrective action will be initiated. In addition, the department reserves the right to change, add to, or amend the foregoing list. When this is done, you will be properly notified.


Your input is important to us for many reasons. If you have a complaint or helpful suggestion, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to your supervisor with the problem. He/she should make a sincere effort to adjust the situation. 
  2. If the supervisor is unable to make a satisfactory adjustment, then call either Gary Snyder at ext. 7198 or Lisa Cutter at ext. 7167.