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Youngstown State University faculty, staff and students must display valid parking permits at all times while parked on campus. Parking permits are obtained online through your YSU Portal. Visitors to campus must display a guest pass obtained through a department reservation or purchase a $5.00 parking permit from a booth attendant at designated M lots or decks. There is limited parking available at parking meters on Armed Forces Blvd. Money is required at the meters unless otherwise noted by signage.

Drivers on campus are responsible for parking in a legal parking space and knowing the parking regulations. Signage is posted at the entrance to and in all parking lots to assist drivers in locating a valid parking space.

If a parking space is not available because the lot is full, parking regulations must be followed. You cannot make your own parking space.

A parking permit is not a guarantee of a parking space close to your building.

The registered parking permit holder is responsible for any ticket issued to any vehicle in which their permit is displayed.

A first offense violation is not automatically waived. All circumstances are taken into consideration.

Fire lane and handicap zone violations will not be waived. Handicap placards must have been issued by the DMV in the student’s name. The campus handicap parking policy is posted on the Parking Services home page. If you have a handicap placard, please review the policy before parking in a handicap space or call Parking Services for information.

All rules and regulations are in effect 24/7 365 days a year.


Parking Services provides an online only appeals process for tickets.

Anyone who feels they have been ticketed in error may file an online appeal with Parking Services within 5 business days of the issuance of the ticket.

After the appeal is submitted, the University Compliance Officer or designee will review the appeal and issue a reply within approximately 10 business days following receipt of the appeal.

Parking Services strives to provide fair and consistent enforcement of the parking regulations for everyone’s benefit. Occasionally, a ticket is issued in error. When this occurs, the appeal process provides an opportunity to appeal the ticket.


“I didn’t see the sign.”

“Others were parking there too.”

“I was late.”

“I could not find another parking space.”

“I was only a few minutes late when the meter expired.”

“There was no sign that said I couldn’t park there.”

“I didn’t know it was a faculty lot.”

“I’ve always parked there and I never got a ticket before.”

“Other cars parked there and they didn’t get a ticket.”

“I had someone with me who was handicapped so I used their handicap placard and parked in a

handicap space.”

“I don’t agree with the policy or regulation.”

If you have further questions regarding tickets or the appeal process, please contact Parking Services at 330-941-3546 or Visit the Parking Website.