Permit Rules and Regulations

  • YSU students, faculty, staff, contracted service employees and contractor/vendors who operates or expects to operate a motor vehicle on University property, at any time, must obtain a valid parking permit.
  • The permit must be clearly displayed, through the front windshield of your vehicle, at all times when parking on campus. It may be placed on the rearview mirror or on the dash. The vehicle operator is responsible for ensuring that the parking permit is visible, right side up, with the number clearly visible, at all times while parking on University property. The permit must be displayed beginning the first day of each semester.
  • A permit does not insure the availability of a convenient parking space, but grants the privilege of parking in a specified area when space is available.
  • An access card is issued to everyone who purchases a permit. This card is used for access in designated automated lots and decks, and does not substitute for a parking permit. Replacement charge for a lost access card is $5.00. Lost or Stolen permits should be reported to the Parking Services Office and Police Department immediately. When reporting a stolen permit to Parking Services, please submit a police report.
  • Parking permits and access cards are not transferable from one person to another.