Rules & Regulations


The purpose of this section is to provide you with the necessary information to park legally at Youngstown State University. These rules are established in order to provide fair and orderly parking facilities for the University's' students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Signs are prominently displayed at the entrance to each parking lot or deck identifying lot designations. Read them carefully. If you are unsure if your permit allows you to park in a specific spot, don't risk it. Ask an attendant at one of the attended lots, or call (330)941-3546 for answers to your questions. We will even provide a tour of the campus lots at your request.

Disabled vehicle assistance is available Monday through Saturday if you need help with jump starts, lockouts or the loan of lug wrenches, jack stands or gas cans. Please call the MOTORISTS' ASSISTANCE PROGRAM at ext. 3051. Assistance is available during normal Parking Services hours and only to vehicles legally parked on campus.

Emergency telephones are installed in most parking lots and other areas throughout campus. They are for emergency use only. Dialing is not necessary. When the receiver is lifted, a signal is automatically and instantly received in the YSU Police Department. The need for vehicle assistance does not constitute an emergency.

Vehicles should be locked while unattended and valuables kept out of sight. The University assumes no responsibility for any vehicle or its contents at any time while it is operated or parked on University-owned or -controlled property.

Cars are to be driven slowly and carefully in all decks and lots. For parking after 2:00 pm, use of the decks is encouraged.

All traffic and parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. These traffic regulations apply to all persons, including students, faculty, staff and visitors operating motor vehicles upon any university property. A valid YSU Parking Permit is required at all times.


Approved Parking  

The parking spaces on campus for faculty, staff and students are divided into several categories. Lots designated with an "F" are restricted to faculty/staff parking, until 4:30 pm or 5:00 pm as designated. Lots and decks designated with an "M" are available to faculty/staff, students and other special parking permits, during all hours of operation. After 4:30 pm and on weekends, "F" lots become "M" lots for use with all types of permits. Except for F-1 which remains faculty staff parking at all times.

Lots designated with a "V" contain parking meters. These meters are for short-term parking, a maximum of 30 minutes, and are designated for visitors to the campus. Vehicles parked in spaces with expired meters will be ticketed. After 6pm, these lots become available for use with a current parking permit or money in the meter. Vehicles without parking permits parked at an expired meter will be ticketed.

Parking spaces are available for drivers with disabilities in most University parking lots. These spaces are restricted to vehicles displaying state-issued handicap plates or cards or temporary-disability permits issued by the University. A current YSU permit must also be displayed with all types of disability permits. All Students must register with the Parking Services Office to receive an additional sticker to display on their YSU permit. Hatched areas of disability spaces are not available for parking. They must be kept clear.

Students with state disability plates or hang tags must obtain an accessibility sticker to affix to your current University permit by presenting the official handicap registration form at the Office of Parking Services. If you do not have your original registration form, you may obtain a duplicate for a fee at any Bureau of Motor Vehicles Office. Persons with temporary mobility impairments may be eligible for special parking privileges. A physician's statement of need describing the nature and duration of the disability must be presented to the Parking Services Office. These permits are limited with restrictions and will be issued only to holders of current YSU parking permits.

Several 20 minute parking spaces are available on campus to assist with short-term emergency parking. Parking permits are not required in order to park in these spaces. Those vehicles parking over the time limit will be ticketed.

Many lots include several parking spaces restricted for special permit parking only. Vehicles using these spaces must display a permit authorized for a specific reason by the Parking Services Office. Student and faculty/staff permits are not valid in these spaces.

Overnight Parking is available in the resident lots. Any other overnight parking should be arranged with Parking Services.

Lot F-1 at the corner of University Plaza and Bryson Streets has a designated RESERVED parking area within the lot. This area is available specifically for persons with parking reservations made by departments on campus. Faculty, staff, and students are not eligible to park in this area. An attendant is on duty Monday through Saturday from 7:00 am to assist those who have questions. Lot F-80 and F-55, located on Fifth Avenue, also has several reserved spaces. The Director of Support Services may temporarily designate spaces for SPECIAL EVENT PARKING for which a special parking fee may be assessed. Vehicles displaying a current valid parking permit will not be required to pay the additional fee unless they are seeking access to a parking area that has been specified as reserved for that purpose, such as the "tailgate lot" for football games. The Director of Support Services or his Designee shall have the authority to make temporary changes in cases of emergency or special University needs. Spaces so temporarily designated are not approved parking spaces.



By the authority granted by chapter 3345 and 3356 of the Ohio Revised Code, the Youngstown State University Board of Trustees has adopted the following rules and regulations for the control of vehicles on the campus of the University in order to promote safety and convenience for faculty, staff, students and visitors, as well as to facilitate general operation of the University.

These regulations shall apply to all property owned or controlled by the University. It is the responsibility of each member of the University community to read, understand and abide by these regulations. Ignorance of these regulations will not be acceptable reason for appealing a violation. In order to establish responsibility for any parking violations issued to any motor vehicle illegally parked on University property, the Parking Services Office may make the reasonable presumption that a student or faculty/staff member with the same address as the registered owner of the vehicle is the operator of the vehicle.

Officers of the YSU Police Department have the authority and power of peace officers for the protection of property under the jurisdiction of the Board of Trustees, the prevention of trespass, the maintenance of peace and order, and the enforcement of regulations respecting vehicles on the University property.

Youngstown State University may hire staff for the purpose of enforcing the parking rules and regulations on University property. The University reserves the right to make changes in parking locations or policies at any time with reasonable notice.


The following rules are to be followed by any person operating a motor vehicle on University property:

  1. Responsibility for finding a legal parking space rests with the vehicle operator. Failure to find a convenient space will not be considered a valid excuse for violating parking regulations.
  2. Parking is prohibited at all times in fire lanes, hatched areas, along curbs, in driveways, walkways, entrances, exits, loading zones, or in posted zones, and will subject violators to towing at their expense.
  3. Parking on the Bliss Hall side patio,on the Beeghly Health & Physical Education building rear patio, campus core and any other area not specifically designated parking is prohibited.
  4. Where individual parking spaces are designated and marked on the parking surface, the vehicle must be parked entirely within the lines.
  5. A current YSU permit must be displayed beginning the first day of each semester. Vehicles without permits will be ticketed.
  6. No vehicle may be parked in a reserved space, special permit space or disability space without a proper permit.
  7. Motorcycles and other motorized two-and three-wheeled vehicles must be parked only in areas designated for these vehicles. Parking such vehicles in bicycle racks or on any sidewalk, lawn, landscaped area, etc. is prohibited.
  8. Bicycle parking racks are provided in the central campus core and other areas. Pedestrians have absolute right-of-way over bicycles on sidewalks. Bicycles should be walked or driven slowly while on YSU property during congested times. Bicycles may not be taken into buildings nor chained to light poles, trees, doors, benches, fences, etc.
  9. During snow emergencies, reasonable care must be used when driving and parking vehicles on campus. Be aware of "snow dump" areas on campus; parking in these areas during snow accumulation is prohibited and will result in a ticket. During extreme conditions, additional space may be designated as snow dump areas. Temporary signs will be placed if necessary.
  10. On occasion, it may be necessary to close all or part of a lot or deck. Placing signs, wood horses, cones or yellow caution tape in these areas identifies the adjustments. Normal traffic patterns may need to be adjusted. Please do not park beyond these indicators and adhere to the new traffic flow. Violations will be issued for moving signs or equipment.