Textbooks and Materials

You (the student) are responsible for your own school supplies (notebooks, pens, pencils, highlighters, paper, etc.). Each school district owns the textbooks and supplies purchased for CCP courses and should provide you with the textbook policy for your school.

For campus-based courses, at the request of the school district, you may rent or purchase textbooks and required course related supplies (example: blue books, scantron sheets, dissection kit, lab coat or safety goggles) at YSU's bookstore, Barnes and Noble Education. The cost for these items it paid for by your school district.

At the end of the semester you return books and supplies to the school. You may be charged for books and supplies not returned.

You can see what books you need prior to the first day of class by using the bookstore's textbook look-up! (Click here or see below for directions)

For high school based courses, the relevant YSU academic department approves all textbooks. The CCP textbook is the same one used on campus. However some departments will consider comparable books. The school district is responsible for supplying textbooks, lab materials, copies, etc.

Textbook Look-up Directions:

  1. To see what textbooks are required for your course, access the Textbook Look Up feature on the YSU Bookstore website: YSU Bookstore.
  2. Next, click on “Find Your Textbooks.”
  3. Then, click on “Find Your Term” (you will have to click the drop-down arrow to see the appropriate semester you are enrolled).
  4. Fill in the blanks by clicking on the appropriate selection from each drop-down. You will need to look at your student summary schedule in the Penguin Portal to help with this step.
  5. As you are filling in the blanks, Department = SUBJ on your schedule; Course = CRSE and Section = CRN.
  6. Click “Find Materials for Course” at the bottom.
  7. A list should appear telling you what books are required.
  8. Print the list and follow the directions from your school on how to purchase the books.