College Credit Plus

One Class, Twice the Credit!

Welcome to College Credit Plus (CCP). Youngstown State University (YSU) is pleased that you aspire to get a head start on your college career!

This student handbook answers many questions. We highly recommend that you take a few minutes and explore the topics below. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact your school district's CCP coordinator or our office.

Congratulations on your choice to participate in this challenging program. We wish you the very best during the academic year!

Note: Pennsylvania students are welcome to enroll in dual enrollment at YSU. Please note the "College Credit Plus" legislation for Ohio does not govern dual enrollment for Pennsylvania students. You are responsible for tuition and textbook costs and must select Option A (see Student Cost: Option A vs B in the online program handbook) for your payment method. Please contact your school counselor to discuss how the credit earned may apply to your high school transcript.

Program Overview

Am I Eligible? How do I apply?

I'm in! Now what?