CCP Billing

The following is the billing process that occurs once students are admitted to the CCP program:

  • A YSU Banner ID number, also known as a Y number (example: Y00123456), is created.
  • Registration occurs and a charge for those courses is applied to the student account, or Banner ID number.
  • E-bill notification is sent to students by e-mail. We encourage you to thoroughly review your student invoice, which can be accessed via the student portal ( Once you have logged on to the student portal, click on University Bursar located under E-Services for students, then click billing and payment information.
    • Option A: Youngstown State University will bill you for tuition prior to the term starting. Please visit the University Bursar/Student Accounts website for directions on how to pay your bill online.
    • Option B: Youngstown State University will bill the state for funding, which pays the tuition charges after the 14th day of the term. This may cause you to receive one or two billing notices prior to the funding being received. We apologize for any confusion this may cause.
  • Please note that school districts may create special financial policies regarding students that withdraw after no refund dates or fail a course. Please check with your school district to determine if additional policies apply to your courses.
  • You are responsible to pay for any charges that are not covered by state funding by the published due dates. Examples of charges not covered are tuition for courses taken under Option A, parking permits, library or parking fines. An e-mail notification to your YSU e-mail account is sent each month that a balance owed appears on your account. A transcript hold is placed on your student record until the account balance is zero. Please note that other routine notices are sent until the account balance is brought to zero.

Late fees are never charged to CCP students unless the charges not covered by state funding (example: library, parking) are not paid or for tuition under Option A. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the billing process please feel free to contact the University Bursar office at 330-941-3133.