Health Insurance

YSU International Student/Scholar Health Insurance Requirement

If you are an F-1 or J-1 student or J-1 visiting scholar and your Form I-20 or Form DS-2019 was issued by the Youngstown State University, enrollment in YSU’s international student health insurance plan is mandatory during the entire time you are a F-1 or J-1 student or scholar at Youngstown State University.

We have selected a health insurance plan especially for international students through the Lewer Agency, a leading provider of health insurance for international students here in the U.S. and in other countries. The plan summary and plan brochure can be viewed at LewerMark. Highlights of this plan include:

  • 100% coverage of usual and customary charges from in-network providers
  • Access to an extensive network of providers in the Youngstown area and elsewhere through the Aetna Network
  • $20 co-payment for Office Visits /$100 for hospitalization
  • Coverage when traveling outside the U.S. except in your home country

The International Programs Office is in Jones Hall 1042 and can be reached at: or 1+330-941-2336 (main #) 1+330-941-2338 (fax).

Enrollment Process

For all F-1 and J-1 students, the student health insurance will automatically be charged to the student’s account upon registration for classes.

Once you are enrolled in the insurance plan, you will be sent instructions on how to print out your ID card and gain access to the tools, services, and benefit information.

What to do if you are in need of Non-Emergency care:

Go to the Student Health Clinic – Wick Primary Care at YSU located at 330 Wick Ave. (right across from Jones Hall). Visit the Wick Primary Care website for clinic hours. If the staff at the Health Clinic feels that you need more care, they will help refer you to a doctor or health care facility in the area. You may also contact the Lewer Agency directly at the phone number on your ID card for service and assistance. Please log onto to locate a physician or pharmacy.

If the Student Health Clinic is closed and/or you need care for a very serious illness or injury (one that is life-threatening, such as not being able to breath), you should go for treatment to one of the following facilities:

Obtaining an Insurance Requirement Waiver

If you believe you have been billed in error for the YSU Lewer International Student Health Insurance Plan, please contact the International Programs Office with documentation that:

  • You are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, OR
  • You hold a dependent visa type (e.g., H-4) AND you have COMPREHENSIVE health insurance coverage through your principal visa/status holder’s employer-provided policy (either a parent or spouse) OR
  • You are sponsored by a 3rd Party (e.g., your government, the Fulbright Bi-National Commission, etc.) AND have comprehensive health insurance through your sponsor that covers: a substantial number of Youngstown-area health care providers, 100% reasonable and customary charges, at least $150,000 per year maximum, $1,000 pre-existing condition coverage, $1,000,000 lifetime benefit, $50,000 medical evacuation coverage and $10,000 repatriation coverage. Co-payments must be no higher than $20 per office visit or $100 hospitalization, with an annual out-of-pocket limit no higher than $2,500 OR
  • You have completed your course of study at YSU AND have left the United States, OR you been enrolled in an employer-sponsored health insurance plan while pursing Practical Training, OR you have changed your nonimmigrant status and are no longer in the United States under YSU sponsorship.

To obtain a health insurance coverage waiver, please come to the International Programs Office in Jones Hall, Room 1042 within 10 days of the start of the semester.

Health Insurance Information for Canadian Students and Scholars

Health coverage provided by your Canadian province (OHIP, etc.) is not acceptable as a substitute for the YSU International Student/Scholar Health Insurance Plan because it does not pay for the true U.S. costs of health care. Depending on this provincial coverage could result in financial hardship in cases of serious illness or injury.

Study Abroad Health Insurance Policy Resources

Youngstown State University’s Travel Abroad Health Insurance is administered by GeoBlue. This special plan for faculty, staff and students traveling abroad on YSU sponsored trips does not provide coverage in the U.S., except for very limited follow-up treatment for illness/injuries suffered while abroad so you should keep in effect insurance which covers you in the U.S.

For weekly coverage, enroll ONLINE by using a credit card.