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Welcome to the YSU Talent Marketplace, designed to connect employers with diverse, skilled workforce throughout Northeast Ohio. Funded through the GM Community Investment, the YSU Talent Marketplace, is where employers can post jobs for free and connect with individuals who are trained through alternative training pathways like pre-apprenticeship, apprenticeship, industry credentials, certifications and through other workforce training programs.  

YSU’s Division of Workforce Education is proud to be partnering with Opportunity@Work, a national nonprofit expanding career opportunities for skilled workers without bachelor’s degrees in related career fields. Opportunity@Work is working with YSU to onboard employers, hiring opportunities, providers and candidates. The YSU Talent Marketplace is powered by Opportunity@Work’s proprietary labor marketplace platform, Stellarworx.  

We want to help you discover your next STAR and diversify the way you hire. 

Skilled workers without degrees in related career interests are called STARs. STARs are Skilled Through Alternative Routes, and have developed valuable skills through tech boot camps, community college, military service, on the job or other alternative training. STARs represent a largely untapped talent pool, yet far too many employers are missing out by excluding them when requiring a bachelor’s degree.

This is an invite only platform in which training providers, like the YSU Workforce, connect their learners to regional employers focused on skills-based hiring to help expand opportunities and new ways of finding and developing the STARs in our region.


Getting Started

Together, we will be connecting regional employers focused on skills-based hiring to help expand opportunities and new way of finding and developing the STARs in our region.  To learn more about how the YSU Talent Marketplace, powered by Stellarworx, can help you connect with regional talent and jobs, visit stellarworx.org




For employers interested in getting connected with STARs and building up a diverse workforce, then the YSU Talent Marketplace, powered by Stellarworx, is for you! ​

​With this platform, connecting with talent has never been easier. Register for an account at stellarworx.org, post your jobs (for free) and begin interacting with qualified STARs.

Once a learner earns their YSU and/or other industry recognized credential, they will be invited to join the YSU Talent Marketplace where they can conncet with employers and apply for jobs.

​Note: Companies interested in hiring YSU degree seeking students should continue to use Handshake.

Training Providers

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Regional Training Providers who are interested in getting their trained STARs connected with regional employers, can leverage the YSU Talent Marketplace, powered by Stellarworx. This service is free for regional training providers and in support from the General Motors Community Investment.  

With this platform, training providers can create an account and invite students who have completed training programs to connect with regional employers. Training providers will have access to track student engagement and activity through the platform.

To create an account and learn more, visit stellarworx.org



Candidates, if you have completed training through alternative training pathways like pre-apprenticeship, apprenticeships, industry credentials, certifications, and through other workforce training programs, you are eligible for an invitation from your training provider.  ​

​With this platform, after completing your training and gaining a credential, your training provider will invite you to create a profile on the YSU Talent Marketplace, powered through Stellarworx which will allow you to connect with regional employers and apply for jobs! ​

​If you have not completed training and are interested, please register on the YSU Skills Accelerator and view our course selection. ​

Note: YSU degree seeking students should continue to use Handshake to apply for jobs.