What is a pre-apprenticeship program?

Pre-apprenticeship is a training program designed to prepare individuals without any prior knowledge or experience with the minimum professional and technical skills needed for consideration into registered apprenticeship programs. ​

  • IT Pre-Apprenticeship Program

    The IT Support pre-apprenticeship, built in collaboration between YSU DWEI and the ESCEO, will align to and prepare students for a Computer Support Specialist Registered Apprenticeship Program.

    This exciting opportunity allows students to obtain valuable industry-recognized credentials in the field of Information Technology in addition to receiving a work-based learning experience with one of 15+ industry partners.

    YSU Workforce and the Education Service Center of Eastern Ohio continue to grow in-demand industry skill training for high school students

  • IBM Pre-Apprenticeship Program

    YSU is offering the IBM IT pre-apprenticeship program, short-term credentials and other skills training as an alternative educational pathway to gain access to industry in-demand skills like programming, cybersecurity, data science and IT support. These alternative educational offerings will be open to students, alumni and the workforce as a pathway to learn in-demand professional and technical skills. ​

    Students will earn digital badges to demonstrate important soft skills like teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. Additionally, they will learn new ways of working with Agile and Design Thinking. Lastly, they will build technical foundational knowledge around in-demand skills.​

    Each program contains curated learning, skills labs, assessments and digital badges. Upon successful completion, each student will receive a certificate of completion, earn a minimum of four IBM credentials, and be eligible to apply available apprenticeship job openings. ​

    Software Engineering Cybersecurity Data Scientistz/OS supportIT support specialist

    YSU is currently offering IBM pre-apprenticeship training programs including: Software Engineer, Cybersecurity Specialist, Data Scientist, IT Support Specialist and z/OS. To learn more about each program, please visit IBM’s digital certification website.  Additional roles can be added based upon employer demand.