Title IX Coordinator

The Title IX Coordinator (TIXC) is responsible for ensuring that the university (including all employees, students, policies, and programs) complies with Title IX, ensuring that no person who engages with the university is subject to any form of sex-based discrimination or harassment.

Anyone who chooses to speak to the TIXC will still generally have the option about whether or not they’d like to file a report (with the university or police) or pursue any action (university or legal). The only cases wherein the TIXC may need to take action without consent of the reporting party/victim is when there is a threat to public or individual safety.

Title IX Coordinator
Molly O'Malley
Associate Director, Equal Opportunity, Policy Development & Title IX
Tod Hall, Room 301

Mark Weir
Director, Equal Opportunity, Policy Development & Title IX
Tod Hall, Room 301

Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Cynthia A. Kravitz
Associate Vice President for Human Resources
Tod Hall, Room 359

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Athletics Compliance
Emily Wollet
Associate Athletic Director
Stambaugh Stadium, Room 1003


Other Resources

If you are concerned about speaking to the TIXC and would prefer to speak to someone else on campus, you may choose to speak to whomever you feel most comfortable. However, most campus employees are required to report information about Title IX violations to the TIXC. When this happens, the TIXC will reach out to you to provide resources and support. You do not need to respond to the TIXC or meet with the TIXC.

Although the offices listed below are part of the University, they are confidential resources for victims. These offices will not disclose any information provided to them, except at the victim’s request, to any other campus office or the police, including the TIXC.

Student Counseling Services
2082 Kilcawley Center, Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

Mercy Health-Wick Primary Care at YSU
330 Wick Avenue
Youngstown OH, 44503
Walk-In Hours 9am-5pm

Employee Assistance Program (for University employees)

Off-Campus Confidential Resources

The following agencies will provide victims with safe and confidential support. These agencies will not disclose any information provided to them, except at the victim’s request, to either the University or the police.

Rape Crisis and Counseling Center (RCCC)
24-hour hotline; staff will meet victims in person at a safe location

Planned Parenthood of Youngstown
77 E. Midlothian Avenue

Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network

Sexual Assault Medical Services

SANE nurses are medical staff specially trained to be sensitive to the needs and experiences of sexual assault victims. They can provide many services, including: basic gynecological services to check for injuries; information and access to Plan B (pregnancy prevention medication); information and access to prophylaxis (preventative medication for STIs); and a full medical forensic exam through which they collect evidence that can be used for a police report or court case should the victim choose to file a police report. At any time, the victim can decline any part of any of these services. SANE nurses are available through the ER of each of the following local hospitals, 24 hours a day/7 days a week:

Mercy Health-St. Elizabeth’s Hospital at 1044 Belmont Avenue, 330-746-7211 (minutes north of campus)
Mercy Health-St. Elizabeth’s Hospital at 8401 Market Street in Boardman, 330-729-2929
Mercy Heath -St. Joseph Hospital at 627 Eastland Avenue SE in Warren, 330-841-4000

Office of Civil Rights

Regardless of the status of your case, the method in which it is being pursued, or the outcome (if one has been determined) you always have the right to file a report/complaint with the U.S. Department of Education/Office of Civil Rights. This is the office that oversees Title IX compliance for all colleges, universities, and other publicly funded educational institutions (schools).

Ohio Civil Rights Commission
Cleveland Regional Office
Lausche State Office Building
615 W. Superior Ave., Suite 885
Cleveland, OH 44113

U.S. Department of Education/Office of Civil Rights Hotline 1.800.421.3481