What you need to know

  • Eligibility and Scope of Clinical Services

    Eligibility for Services

    • Currently enrolled Youngstown State University students are eligible for services offered by Student Counseling Services.
    • Students must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program at the time they seek services.
      • “Enrolled” is defined as a student who has registered for classes and remains “registered for classes” on the fourteenth day of each term. The Institute verifies enrollment status for all registered students on the fourteenth day of each term.
      • Students may be enrolled full-time (12 or more credit hours), part-time (6-11 credit hours), or less than part-time (1-5 credit hours) to be eligible for services.
      • If a student withdraws from all classes or is withdrawn from all classes, the student is deemed to no longer be enrolled and is therefore no longer eligible for services.
    • Students may be eligible for services during summer terms if they were enrolled and completed the most recent Spring Semester AND are already enrolled for the upcoming Fall semester.

    Persons Ineligible for Services

    • Faculty and staff
    • Persons enrolled in programs not affiliated with a degree (e.g., English Language Institute, Police Academy, Dual Enrollment in a high school (ex. College Credit Plus, YEC, etc.), additional affiliation with other Academic Partners not named here.
    • New students who have enrolled in the upcoming semester are not eligible for services before that semester begins.

    Exceptions to Eligibility

    On occasion, there may be exceptions to the eligibility policy. These instances may include:

    • In emergency situations, persons who do not meet the eligibility criteria may be seen for an initial crisis consultation and provided with referrals.
    • Clients who withdraw from classes may only be seen for facilitating a referral to an appropriate community provider (if needed).
    • Any other exceptions to the above policies as approved through consultation with the Director.

    Scope of Clinical Services

    The YSU Student Counseling Services Center provides free, short-term counseling for currently enrolled YSU students. We work on an appointment basis and will meet with an eligible student to evaluate, assess, provide treatment, and/or refer to other services as warranted based on the student’s clinical needs.

    The scope of care is intended to outline the appropriateness and limits of the Center’s services to students seeking counseling.

    • Current Services at the Center are free, short-term confidential counseling for currently enrolled students.
    • Appointments are Monday thru Friday 8-5pm.
    • YSU Student Counseling Services does not provide psychiatric services in-house. Psychiatric services are available at Mercy Health at Wick (Student Health) via your paid YSU Student Health fee. To access those services, go through your primary care provider at Mercy Health at Wick (Student Health).
    • We do not provide substance abuse counseling.
    • We do not provide psychological testing (i.e. cognitive, personality, learning disabilities, attention deficit, etc.)
    • We do not provide evaluations or documentation for Emotional Support Animals (ESA), Therapy Animals nor Service Animals.
    • We do not provide services for Clients who are court mandated for mental health treatment or Clients who are involved in legal actions that may require forensic and/or psychological testimony.
    • We do not duplicate services. If you are already receiving services from an individual provider and/or through a comprehensive treatment center, it may be best to continue that relationship. For students with established care providers out of town, you may wish to discuss our scope of care with your providers in order to best plan for your mental health needs during your time here at YSU. Will would be happy to consult with you about your needs and our ability to meet them.
    • If a client does not arrive for an appointment on time or fails to cancel at least 24 hours in advance, they will be rescheduled to the next availability.
      • We respect client and clinician's time, a “no show” deprives others of the opportunity to see a therapist and results in the loss of a therapist’s productive time.
    • Following assessment, referrals will be made to appropriate campus or community resource.
  • Rights and Responsibilities

    Client Rights

    You have the right to:

    • Know that YSU Student Counseling Services (YSU SCS) keeps written records which includes information about your history, goals, recommendations, interventions provided, and any test results or correspondence that may occur.
    • This clinical record is not part of any other university record.
    • This information is shared only with those clinical staff within the center who may be consulted about your case.
    • If a YSU Student Counseling Services clinician is suspicious that a client may be a victim of domestic violence, documentation of the basis of our suspicion in a client’s file is required by Ohio Revised Code.
    • You must provide written consent before information is shared with anyone outside the center. However, the center may release information without your consent if the law requires that we do so. This might occur:
      • If we receive a court order to release information about your care
      • If there is significant harm or the threat of significant harm to yourself or others
      • If evidence suggests abuse or endangerment to a minor or vulnerable adult
    • Request to view and receive a copy of your records.
    • Request copies of records and reports to be used by other mental health professionals.
    • Be informed of the qualifications of your clinician (i.e. the education, experience, certifications and licensure status).
    • Receive an explanation of services offered prior to receipt of services.
    • Be informed of any limitations of the clinician's practice or to any special areas of expertise.
    • Participate in the assessment and referral process.
    • Refuse to participate or engage in any technique, strategy, or intervention suggested by your clinician.
    • Be informed of who to contact in an emergency situation.
    • Request referral for a second opinion at any time.
    • Receive a copy of the code of ethics to which your clinician adheres.
    • Contact the appropriate professional organization if you have doubts or complaints relative to the clinician's conduct.
    • The SCS Clinician or student may terminate the assessment and referral process at any time.

    Client Responsibilities

    You are responsible for:

    Keeping appointments you make. This is an important part of the process.

    • A “No Show” or late cancellation deprives others of the opportunity to see a clinician and results in the loss of the clinician's productive time.
    • Helping plan and following through with recommendations made to you.
    • Understanding that the YSU SCS does not provide legal services such as written reports or court testimony. Therefore, students involved in legal proceedings of any kind will be referred off campus.

    If you have any questions regarding your clinician's conduct or if you believe that your rights have been disregarded or violated by your counselor, please discuss these issues with your clinician or clinician’s supervisor.

    The Counseling Center’s hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am until 5 pm. After 5 pm, by appointment only.

  • What you as a student can expect from your first appointment at the student counseling center

    Student’s First Appointment at the Student Counseling Center

    Student Counseling Service begins with a 60 minute intake appointment with a staff clinician. The clinician will assess the nature and urgency of the student’s concern so that we can help to make the most appropriate next step to assist the student.

    When a student contacts our office they will be scheduled for a 60 minute face to face intake appointment. This is a specific time reserved for the student. It is important that the student complete our initial forms before their scheduled appointment time. The student should arrive on time for their appointment to maximize their time with the clinician. The student must be finished with their paperwork before their appointment. If they are not, their face to face time with the clinician will be reduced. During their appointment the student will be asked a number of questions and have the opportunity to discuss their personal situation and ask any questions.

    At the end of the session, appropriate options will be reviewed with the student. These could include an appointment for an individual therapy session or a referral to other resources on campus or the community that can address the student’s concerns.

    Crisis and urgent appointments are available when needed. SCC is a short term counseling center. If students need or are interested in a longer term therapy relationship, we can advise them of other resources/services in the community.