Educational Programs

Educational Programs, also known as "Outreach," is the method of extending the care and expertise of Student Counseling Services staff and trainees to the broader YSU community through prevention and intervention services. In our preventive efforts we strive to promote feelings of connectedness and a sense of belonging to our campus community to further the development of well-rounded individuals who better understand and are ready to assume their place in our diverse society.

Reaching out to the campus community is an integral component of clinical service delivery and essential to meeting the diverse needs of YSU students. We are committed to bringing prevention and workshops to students who might not otherwise utilize Student Counseling Services.

The Student Counseling Services staff is dedicated to fostering connectedness and belonging to YSU students through the offering of didactic and interactive experiences. Each presentation is designed for a 45-60 minute time frame with an audience of at least 10 people. The Objectives of the presentations: improve relationships through healthy communication and adopting healthy coping strategies to provide a path to success both individually and as a community member.

Student Counseling Services staff will review the request and do our best to accommodate it. However, during times of heavier clinical demand we reserve the right to modify or decline requests.

To learn more or schedule an Educational Program for your group or class, please contact us at 330-941-3737 to discuss your needs.