Curricular Efficiency

Curricular efficiency and effectiveness focuses on improving student/academic success through a variety of different measures that ultimately improves, among others, student learning, student retention, graduation rates and costs both to the student and the University. Curricular effectiveness focuses on doing the right things in pursuit of appropriate goals and using resources to their fullest. The curricular efficiency team has reviewed course data from across the University and developed tools to assist programs and the University in the following:

  • Student Centered Focus
    • Retain students
    • Improve graduation rates
    • Control student and YSU costs
    • Ensure student learning by aligning the program content to learning outcomes
  • Ensure the Strategic Plan for Action is a living document
    • Support sustainable management of a university
    • Create space in faculty schedules to allow for increased time for activities that align with the Strategic Plan
    • Free-up funds to Invest in our growth and Take Charge of our Future
  • Find opportunities to reduce costs
    • Determine ways to identify the “least-bad” ways to cut academic costs.
    • To minimize the extent to which budget cuts translate into higher workloads or inferior education

This website will provide a timeline of the process (see below); a summary of our July 20 workshop and a summary of feedback from the participants (see Presentation tab); and Action items (see Resource Toolkit tab) to guide the departments through the Curricular Efficiency Resource Toolkit (CERT).

Curricular Change Timeline

Curriculum Map Training Videos

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CE Curriculum Map Training Part 1: What is a curriculum map?

  • Walkthrough 00:00-7:55
  • Purposes of a curriculum map 7:55-9:38

CE Curriculum Map Training Part 2: What are the benefits?

  • Common issues 00:00-5:45
  • Curriculum revision examples 5:45-13:00

CE Curriculum Map Training Part 3: Using the curriculum map template

  • Walkthrough 00:00-10:15
  • Full map analysis (with cluster explanation) 10:15-19:45

Resource: Curriculum Map Excel Template

Deans Excel Spreadsheet

Dean's Excel Spreadsheet Instructions

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Curricular Complexity Presentation, Sept 28

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Curricular Complexity Presentation, Sept 28

Curricular Complexity Presentation, Sept 28

The video explains the concepts around curricular complexity. It does not include the heuristic question discussion with examples; please see the examples document below.