Change Address/Phone

Current students may change their permanent and/or mailing addresses via the Penguin Portal. We have listed the instructions below on how to process an address change.  You may also call the Penguin Service Center at (330) 941-6000 for assistance.  If you no longer have access to your Penguin Portal, you may submit a paper change form to the Record's office.


  1. Log in to the Penguin Portal.
  2. Under "e-Services for Students", click on the phrase "Access My Student Information". 
  3. The system will open the Student and Financial Aid tab.  Select the first tab entitled "Personal Information".
  4. Select "Update Addresses and Phones".
  5. To change your current permanent and/or mailing address, select "Current:" next to the address you want to change, insert the current date into the field marked "End Date" and hit submit.
  6. When the page re-loads, select the new type of address you wish to insert, and insert the current date in the field marked "Start Date".  Leave the "End Date" field empty.  After you are satisfied with your changes, click "Submit" to save it. - OR - To keep you current permanent address and add a mailing address, select "Mailing" in the "Type of Address to Insert:" drop box, add your new mailing address information, and click "Submit" to save it.