Student Transcripts

What is an “official” transcript?

An official transcript is a record generated by the University Records Office as proof that you enrolled in and successfully completed a college course. To be considered “official,” the transcript must never touch the student’s hands. Therefore, one university must send the official transcript directly to the new university for it to be recognized for credit.

Typically, additional measures are put in place to further avoid tampering with official records such as the University Registrar signature on the back of a sealed University envelope.

Correcting Errors on your Transcript

Before officially requesting that your YSU transcript be sent to your new university, it is vital for you to check the unofficial transcript on the Penguin Portal for any possible errors. If you determine that there is an error, contact the CCP staff as soon as possible to have it fixed. You can view your unofficial transcript by logging into the Penguin Portal and clicking on Student Records, then View Academic Transcript. (Remember, it’s “unofficial” because you are accessing it yourself on the Penguin Portal rather than having it generated and sent by the YSU Records Office.)

Providing Proof to Another University that you are in a College Course

Some universities may request proof that you are taking a college course before your transcript is ready to be sent. YSU is able to provide you with an “enrollment verification” to prove you are taking a college course while still in high school. You can request a verification letter be sent by logging into the Penguin Portal and clicking on Student Records, then Request Enrollment Verification.

Requesting a YSU Transcript

Requests for transcripts are done online, honored in the order received, and are usually processed within five business days of receipt. Cost is $6 per transcript (additional cost for rush and overnight requests). Official transcripts are not issued for a student with outstanding financial obligations. Information on how to order transcripts is found by visiting the Office of the Registrar's Transcript Request website.


  • Make sure you know the address where you want the transcripts sent. Your new university should tell you exactly where the transcripts should go. (Admissions office? Registration? Academic Office? etc.)
  • Each transcript will cost you $6.00, so please have a credit card ready when you go on the site.
  • You may also want to have a copy sent to your home just so you have one for your personal records.