Student ID/E-Mail

A YSU Banner ID number, also known as a Y#, ID card, and e-mail account is issued to every student in the CCP program.

YSU Banner ID Number

The Y# (example Y00123456) provides you with access to classes, academic services, and your own student information in the Penguin Portal. Should you choose to attend YSU after graduating high school, you will be able to keep your same Y number. Your ID number will provide you with full access to YSU academic resources.

YSU Student ID

Students receive a virtual ID that they can access through the YSU App (download IOS or Android) or the YCard website. Directions on how to upload your photo and access your ID are given at New Student Orientation.

YSU E-Mail

Every student is issued a YSU email account. The first half of the e-mail address is your username to access services in the Penguin Portal. Add "" to the end of your username to complete your email address.