Supported Courses

Below is the full list of courses, as well as textbooks currently available at the MAC.  No appointments are needed, stop by during our operating hours for help.

Courses We Support
Course Title Tutorial Support Textbook Availability Weekly Review Sessions
MATH 1510/1510C College Algebra
MATH 1511/1510C Trigonometry
MATH 1513 Algebraic & Transcendental Functions
MATH 1552 Applied Mathematics for Management/Business Calculus X
MATH 1564/2665 Foundations of Middle School Mathematics 1, 2 X X
MATH 1570/2670 Applied Calculus 1, 2 X
MATH 1571/1572/2673 Calculus 1, 2, 3 X
MATH 1580H/1581H Honors Biomathematics 1, 2 X X
MATH 1585H/2686H Honors Calculus 1, 2 X
MATH 1586H/2687H Honors Calculus Laboratory 1, 2 X
MATH 2623/2623C/2623H Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 2661/2661C/2662 Mathematics for Early Childhood Teachers 1, 2 X X
STAT 2601 Introductory Statistics
STAT 2625/2625C Statistical Literacy and Critical Reasoning
STAT 3717 Statistical Methods X X