Summer Housing Assistant


As a YSU student you might wonder what it is that staff do all summer long with no students around. It turns out that summers can be just as eventful as the school year, especially if you’re working for us! We’re looking for a group of students to work for us this summer doing a little bit of everything. So you need to be flexible and willing to go with the flow. You’ll be part of a great team (because we’re awesome) and you’ll get some pretty good perks, too. Read more about our Summer Housing Assistant role below.

So what will this job look like? Here’s what you might find yourself doing:

  • On Monday you might be working with a teammate at a residence hall front desk as the “face” of Housing, checking in a camp group of 150 kids and adults. You’ll be signing out room keys, answering basic questions about where things are, which room numbers are in which hall, and if there are vending machines in the building. Once everyone has checked in, you’ll audit the roster and keys and make sure everything matches up.
  • On Tuesday you might meet up with three of your teammates and head over to a residence hall storage room to reorganize. You’ll move stuff around to create a good path into the room, organize furniture by type, get an accurate count of bed-ends and support bars, and make a nice, neat list of what is in the room to give to your supervisor at the end of the day.
  • On Wednesday you might have an hour staff meeting to hear from your supervisory team about upcoming camp and conference groups that are checking in, get an update on a facilities project in one of the buildings, do some team building, and talk about shift swaps with your teammates (things come up!).
  • Thursday and Friday are orientation days, so you’re up early to meet most of the team and get ready for a day of tours and answering questions from students and their families about the residence halls, meal plans, the housing application, living on campus, and why YSU is so awesome!
  • Saturday night you’re on call with a teammate, so you head out and walk the buildings (all five) top to bottom to see what’s going on…and to make sure that no weird facilities issues popped up. We wouldn’t want to find out about a broken pipe three days later! And then you check in with summer residents who are doing homework, and make sure all is quiet before calling it a night.

Some other things you will do:

  • With your teammates, plan a social program (think movie and pizza) for one of the first nights on the summer for summer residents.
  • Be thoroughly trained on everything Housing (and lots of things YSU) so that you can answer a wide variety of questions from parents, current students, new students, other staff on campus, and more.
  • Hang out in the central office and help with any number of random tasks, including putting together mailings for new students to remind them about their immunization requirements, or emailing returning students to see if they want to volunteer for residence hall move-in.
  • Work at our main front desk in Kilcawley House sorting mail and packages for summer residents.
  • Be “first on-site” responder to some sort of after-hours emergency, like a toilet overflowing or two residents who get into an argument, troubleshoot what you can, call your supervisors to let them know what’s going on and get their help sorting things out.

Please apply if you are:

  • Currently an employee of the department in any role (RA, DA, OA, DM, RHA, HOA, Tour Guide). Priority will be given to current employees, though other students who have not previously worked for the department will also be considered.
  • Willing to work in a team on a regular basis to get things done.
  • Have strong communication skills and are ok with repeating the same thing many times (like our rates or application deadlines or the names of the residence halls).
  • Willing to do physical work sometimes (not super often) in a team, and with tools provided.