In order to ensure the safety and well-being of the students living in our residence halls, we provide the following:

  • Locked exterior doors: Our exterior doors are locked 24/7. Students access their residence hall by carrying a proximity card (prox card) that allows them access to the building to which they are assigned. Thus, any visitors to the building will be able to enter the foyer, but cannot get beyond the foyer without a host who is a resident of the building, or by being buzzed in by our building staff.
  • Full-time, professional, live-in Housing Coordinators (HCs): These staff members live and work in the residence halls, and rotate being on-call to respond to after-hours emergencies as needed.
  • Resident Assistants (RAs): These are upper-level YSU students hired and trained to respond to a wide variety of situations in the residence halls, including facilities emergencies, inappropriate conduct, mental health concerns, and roommate issues. Like the HCs, RAs also rotate being on duty after-hours.
  • YSU Police Department: YSU police officers also do rounds in the residence halls during evening and overnight hours to connect with students and ensure the safety and security of the buildings.
  • Customer service desks: Each residence hall (Kilcawley, Cafaro, and Lyden) has a customer service desk in the main lobby. Desks provide a central location where students can get questions answered, seek out assistance, check in guests, and report concerns. Staff members working at the front desks are able and trained to contact other campus personnel, including the RAs, HCs, police, and after-hours maintenance staff, if a student or situation requires it.
  • Security cameras: Security cameras are in use in all public and semi-public areas of the building, as well as around the exterior of the buildings. (Cameras are not installed in bathrooms or in student’s assigned bedrooms.) Cameras are casually monitored by the staff at our customer service desk, and issues will be reported as they arise.

More information at the the YSU Police website.