Request for Maintenance

Need something fixed? Our helpful maintenance staff is ready to help. Please submit a request and they’ll respond quickly. All maintenance requests are submitted through the Housing Portal. The link below will take you to the Housing Portal so you can submit your maintenance request. Most requests take 5-7 days. Please clear your stuff away from the problem area so they can get at it. If you are not around when they come to fix your problem, they will leave you a card explaining what they did. If your concern is something that shouldn't wait a few days, call the front desk so we can give the problem immediate attention.

Requests for maintenance or repair should also be reported to your RA. Requests should not be delayed until the end of the term. You are responsible for damages to, or loss of, University property due to your negligence or carelessness. In the case of damages in the hallways or other public areas of the building, charges will be assessed to those responsible. In the event that it is impossible to determine responsibility, the charges may be divided equally among all residents.

link to be taken to the Housing Portal to submit your maintenance request.