Lyden House

Lyden House Quick Facts


Houses up to 334 residents, including both first-year and returning students of all genders.

Meal plan requirement:

First-year students are required to have a 12-swipe meal plan. Returning students may choose any of the nine residential meal plans.


The building has a traditional double-loaded corridor layout, with rooms off of each side to the main hallway. Rooms for men and women are intermingled in each wing throughout the building. Each wing has both a men’s and women’s restroom.

Furniture provided:

Each resident will receive an extra-long twin bed & mattress, storage for clothing and personal items (typically includes a wardrobe and dresser, or a combined wardrobe/dresser unit), and a desk with chair, or table with chair.

Building amenities:

Laundry room in the basement with both washers and dryers (all free of charge); public kitchen with full refrigerator, sink, oven, stovetop, and microwave; recreation space including a pool table, ping-pong table, and TV; public computer lounge with printing capabilities; vending machines.