Desk Manager

Position Title: Desk Manager

Position Description:

  • Oversee and ensure a high level of customer service is provided by the front desk to residents and guests
  • Schedule Desk Attendants for weekday and weekend desk and including break periods (i.e. Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Spring Break) as needed
  • Assist with the hiring process of Desk Attendants
  • Provide feedback to Housing Coordinator regarding ongoing performance and semester evaluations of Desk Attendants
  • Coordinate, with the Housing Coordinator, training prior to fall semester and throughout the academic year for all Desk Attendants
  • Maintain a clean and organized front desk area that is supplied with all necessary forms and equipment
  • Monitor video and security equipment including communication with supervisor when equipment is not working
  • Responsible for timely and consistent paper flow of all front desk and housing related forms (shift change forms, package slips) to check for compliance with procedures
  • Review timecards of all Desk Attendants, collect and forward timecards to Housing and acquire required signatures on all payroll forms by established deadlines
  • Monitor Desk Attendant attendance, track policy or attendance violations and recommend further disciplinary action to Housing Coordinator if necessary
  • Serve as first resource to remedy any desk situation including missed shifts; Desk Manager may cover missed shift or coordinate a replacement worker
  • Responsible for returning to campus early to participate in Desk Assistant training and open the desks prior to fall semester
  • Desk managers should remain on campus until the final move out deadline of all scheduled university breaks to properly close the desks
  • Maintain scheduled office hours and availability to Desk Attendants and Housing Coordinator
  • Communicate regularly and effectively with other Desk Managers, Resident Assistants, Desk Attendants, Hall Monitors, professional staff and other support staff in the residence hall
  • Meet weekly with Housing Coordinator at a time designated at the beginning of each semester
  • Other duties as assigned

Reports to:
Housing Coordinator of assigned residence hall

Hours Per Week: Minimum of 15 hours per week /Maximum of 25 hours per week

Wage: $9.00 per hour

One semester as a Desk Attendant or equivalent experience. Experience in Housing & Residence Life. Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.3 or above. Demonstrate a high level of organizational experience. Well-developed oral and written communication skills.