Request N95

Please use this page to request N95 respirators. 


As part of our continued effort to offer the campus the best safety and health protection during the COVID-19 pandemic, YSU is providing n95 respirators to employees who request them.

Please note: To receive an N95, a medical questionnaire must be completed and return in a sealed envelope to EOHS at 2303 Cushwa Hall.  The questionnaire will be given to an occupational doctor at Work Med for evaluation. Once cleared by the doctor, EOHS will contact the employee to pick up their respirator(s). At the time of pick up, training will be provided.

If you would rather have a surgical mask or a KF94 mask, place an order here. The surgical and KF94 masks do not require medical clearance.

For more information, contact Julie Gentile (


Medical Evaluation Questionnaire

(Workmed requires that every line is complete.  Do not leave anything blank.  If something does not apply write no or NA.)