Request Covid-19 Supplies

Use this form to request supplies for COVID-19. (Items used for regular disinfection as part of labs or YSU courses should be ordered through Procurement/eCUBE.)

***Beginning Summer 2022, supplies must be picked up at the Chemical Management Center (CMC)*** 

The Chemical Management Center (CMC) can be found on the 2nd floor of Ward Beecher Hall (Room #202), between the Physics (PAGES) Dept. Office and the greenhouse. Please follow signage.

Supplies will be placed outside the CMC office & ready for pickup within 1 business day. To schedule a more prompt pickup, contact Sean Giblin at or extension 1327.

Please contact The Office of Environmental Health & Safety (EOHS) at 330-941-3700 or with any questions.


Please review the procedure for cleaning and disinfection and remember to not mix cleaning solutions. Use proper care including eye protection when using disinfecting solutions.

Follow these guidelines for disinfection for offices.
Follow these guidelines for disinfection for vehicles.
Difference between cleaning and disinfecting
SDS Hand Sanitizer
SDS Zep Aviation RTU Disinfectant


KF94 face coverings are available to order on this form.

Please note: The KF94 face covering has not been FDA approved or cleared and is not intended to act as a medical device and should not be used as such. It also is not intended as a substitute for any Personal Protective Equipment that you may be required to use during your employment at the university. Paper face coverings are for daily use only and should be discarded after one single daily use. Reusable (cloth) face coverings should be cleaned/laundered daily. Youngstown State University makes no warranties, express or implied, that this face covering prevents infection or the transmission of viruses or diseases.  If you have any questions about any medical or health matter, you should consult a doctor or other healthcare provider. In addition to using this face covering, you should still practice other preventative efforts, such as hand-washing and proper social distancing, covering your mouth with a tissue or sleeve when coughing and other preventative measures advised by the Ohio Department of Health at

If you would like to request an N95, click here.

Spray bottles are 24 ounces. Gallon jugs are also available for refilling spray bottles. Use the cleaning directives posted above.
Gel 70% ethanol hand sanitizer. Gallon jug or 8-12oz. pump bottles.
Bottles may vary from 8-16 oz.
Gallon jug w/ pump. Please indicate if pump is not required.
Individually-wrapped. 50/box, but can be delivered in sets of ten.
Individually-packaged. 50/box, but can be delivered in sets of ten.
Machine washable, black masks with "block Y".