Environmental, Health & Safety

Youngstown State University recognizes its responsibility to protect the health and assure the safety of the students, employees and visitors to the campus. It is the responsibility of EHS to assure that the University meets all of its legal obligations as they pertain to health, safety, and the environment, and to assist faculty, staff & students in their efforts to comply with all regulatory agencies and provide a safe & healthy working environment.

Environmental Health and Safety reports administratively to the Executive Director of Facilities. The primary goal is the elimination of hazards which may result in injury, illness to students, employees and visitors to campus, or the destruction of University property. EHS is administratively responsible for assuring that the University is in compliance with all federal, state and locally-mandated programs regarding safety or environmental issues. The department acts as the University's liaison with regulatory bodies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the Ohio Department of Health, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.