Orientation Materials for the RN Preceptor

Course:  4853  Nursing Transitions
BSN Student Preceptorship
Orientation materials for the RN Preceptor

Attention preceptor:  We appreciate your participation to help our student transition from the nursing program into the workforce.  Please review the attached forms that explain this clinical preceptorship.  Preceptor Evaluations are the only form that you will need to return after each experience with the student.  The other forms are to familiarize you will what the student will be required to complete. 

Documents to view:

  1. Letter to the Preceptor
  2. Roles and Expectations
  3. Course Syllabus
  4. Log of clinical hours
  5. Preceptor Evaluation
  6. Scavenger Hunt
  7. Goals for the Day
  8. Medication Worksheet
  9. SBAR clinical sheet

Thank you for this opportunity.  With your time and expertise this learning will be exceptional and prepare our future nurses to move smoothly into the nursing profession.