STEM Student Organizations

The STEM community has a variety of student professional organizations that allow you to grow and foster your learning in an environment with those who share the same interests. By coming together with students and faculty members outside of the classroom setting, you will be able to experience even more within your academic discipline.

Student professional organizations provide opportunities for you to meet experienced professionals, collaborate with students at other universities, or form relationships with colleagues outside the classroom. They provide social, academic, entrepreneurial, and professional networking opportunities.

Opportunities for student participation in clubs and organizations on campus are limitless. Current campus organizations include a broad variety of national, regional and local organizations, associations and institutions.


Actuarial Science Club Promotes the career of Actuarial Science, provide opportunities to speak with actuaries, obtain internships, and help studying for Actuarial Exams
Dr. Wakefield e-mail ext. 1395
Alpha Epsilon Delta Recognizes academic excellence amoung pre-med students and offer opportunities for communications between health professionals, educators, and students
Dr. Caguiat e-mail ext. 2063
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics  Serves as a campus presence for AIAA by connecting students to aerospace career opportunities and information exchange at the regional, national, and international levels.
Dr. Disotell e-mail ext. 3114
American Medical Student Association A YSU Chapter of pre-med students who volunteer at area hospitals and charity events and provide opportunities for students to learn more about the medical field
Dr. Butcher e-mail ext. 2195
American Chemical Society Provides an opportunity for students in chemical science to obtain experience presenting technical materials and foster professionalism and awareness of the responsibilities and challenges of the modern chemist
Dr. Serra e-mail ext. 3667
American Institute of Chemical Engineers A peer group that is available to assist fellow classmates and expose students to industrial issues, as well as provide networking opportunities with leading engineering professionals
Dr. Cortes e-mail ext. 3019
American Society of Civil Engineers For students studying civil engineering to build leadership and teamwork skills.
Dr. Islam e-mail ext. 3026
American Society of Mechanical Engineers  
Dr. Marie e-mail ext. 3015
Association for Computing Machinery
Dr. Sharif e-mail ext. 1769
Biology Club A group to unite students with a common interest in Biology
Dr. Arch e-mail ext. 3187
Geological Society Provides leadership and support to all students regardless of major; provides continuity of activites of the Geological Society through educational and cultural means
Dr. Mattheus e-mail ext. 2147
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. Fosters technological innovation and excellences for the benefit of humanity
Dr. Mossayebi e-mail ext. 3013
Institute of Industrial Engineers Expose members to practical applications through a variety of events; provide networking with industry professionals; represents YSU at the annual Regional Conference
Dr. Cala e-mail ext. 1746
Mathematical Association of America A national professional organization open to anyone with an interest in mathematics; membership provides conference opportunities for students
Dr. Wingler   ext. 1817
National Electrical Contractor's Association Provides education and support for Electrical Contractors in addition to electrical, mechanical, and solar/wind education
Dr. Bosela e-mail ext. 3286
National Society of Black Engineers Works to increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who succeed professionally, excel academically, and positively impact the community
Dr. Lovelace-Cameron e-mail ext. 1997
NEOUCOM BS/MD Cohort Provides a support system for current and future BS/MD students and to connect students from the YSU, Akron, and Kent BS/MD programs before matriculating to NEOMED.
Emilie Eberth e-mail ext. 2884
Phi Sigma Rho Sorority Brings women in engineering together to foster friendship and support throughout their journey at YSU
Dr. Marie e-mail ext. 3015
Pi Mu Epsilon Honor Society Promotes scholarly activities in mathematics by electing members on an honorary basis and engaging in activities designed to promote the mathematical and scholarly development of its members
Dr. Yates e-mail ext. 3782
Dr. Spalsbury e-mail ext. 1803
Dr. Wakefield e-mail ext. 1395
Society of Automotive Engineers Exchange ideas and share technical information on all forms of mobility, to compete in the annual SAE Collegiate Design Series BAJA Car competition, and to form a peer support system
Dr. Marie e-mail ext. 3015
Society of Physics Students Encourages and assists students interested in physics to develop the knowlegde, competence, enthusiasm, and social responsibility essential to the advancement of physics; stimulate interest and research in physics, and develop collegiality among students and faculty
Dr. Crescimanno e-mail ext. 7109
Society of Women Engineers Provides support for all engineering majors and assists in networking and career-oriented attributes
Dr. Martin e-mail ext. 3022
Ms. Meyers e-mail ext. 3028
STEM Leadership Society To promote the benefits of the STEM college to prospective students who excel in academics, leadership, and service and to provide further opportunities to develop these characteristics once enrolled at YSU
Dr. Cortes e-mail ext. 3019
Dr. McLean e-mail ext. 1752
Tau Beta Pi Recognize those who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character as a student in engineering or by their attainments as alumni in engineering
Dr. Abraham e-mail ext. 3103
Mr. Zapka e-mail ext. 3012
Tesla Club Promote awareness of Nikola Tesla's ideas and experiments. Provide opportunities to participate in experiments and team-building experiences
Dr. Pansino e-mail ext. 3011
Association for Women in Math  
Dr. Spalsbury e-mail ext. 1803
Youngstown Environmental Sustainability Society Raise environmental awareness and create aesthetically appealing green spaces on campus and in the community
Dr. Armstrong e-mail ext. 3612
Information Security and Ethical Hacking Association Dedicated to the advancement and awareness of the Information Security profession by actively engaging in hands-on aplications, competitions, issues, and ethcial practices in Information Security
Dr. Schueller e-mail ext. 3379
IT Student Association To stimulate student interest in Information Technology; seek networking opportunities between students and technology-related businesses; provide connections between faculty and students in the field; promote IT information in the region
Dr. Arslanyilmaz e-mail ext. 1787
Engineers Without Borders To help communities worldwide meet basic human needs
Dr. Martin e-mail  
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics To introduce graduates and undergraduates to opportunities in industry using mathematics.
Dr. Yates e-mail ext. 3782
YSU Theme Park Engineers Group To promote and enhance passion for the engineering field and amusement industry
Dr. Cala e-mail ext. 1746
Society for Manufactoring Engineers Dedicated to the education and training of the professionals and the workforce engaged in manufacturing and services to manufacturing
Dr. Yates e-mail ext. 3782
Dr. Spalsbury e-mail ext. 1803
Dr. Langarica Prieto e-mail ext. 1549

Youngstown Penguin Hackers

Youngstown Penguin Hackers wishes to create a platform for our students to build a portfolio through personal or group projects. By doing so we wish to teach ourselves and each other valuable skills to compliment our university education. In order to maximize the value each of us gets out of the group, we wish to network with and actively engage like-minded individuals.

Dr. Arslanyimaz e-mail ext. 1787