Student Organization Directory

For just about every interest, a student organization is available on the YSU campus to meet your needs. If you cannot find an organization that interests you, then start one yourself when you come to campus. To view our active student organizations, select from one of the following:

Student Organizations for Potential Students & Staff


Student organizations for current students.

Once you select the link, you will be prompted to enter your Username and your Password for the YSU Portal and click “Login.”  Click the Student Organizations Tab at the top and then click “Find a Group to Join” to search through the many groups YSU has to offer. (You MUST be a registered student to login to the system/if the login fails you can still view the groups by clicking on the Student Organization tab, however, you will not be able to express interest in groups until you become a registered student).

All student organizations appearing on the Symplicity/Community site are registered with the University. All groups register annually and if you are creating a new student organization that wishes be recognized by the University, and have access to University resources, then you must complete the registration process.

Assistance with this process is available through  the Student Activities Office, Kilcawley Center, Room #2082, at 330-941-3575 or 330-941-4702.

Registration of a student organization involves the following steps:

  • Complete a Student Organization Registration Form (Under the “Getting Started Tab” select “Register Your Organization”)
    • This form requires the names of the organization's officers and contact information; number of active members and name(s) of your advisor(s).
    • All officers shall be currently enrolled at YSU, in good academic standing and no more than two officers may be registered for less than eight hours during fall and spring semesters.
    • Organizations shall have at least one advisor who is currently a full-time faculty or staff member. Part-time faculty may serve as an advisor with permission of the Office of Student Life.
    • A copy of the organization Constitution and By-laws must be uploaded to the online application.
  • Student Activities will verify the information and contact both the organization President and Advisor to confirm their status.

If you need to update your student organization, contact the Student Activities Office, Kilcawley Center, Room #2082, at 330-941-3575 or 330-941-4702.

Student Organization Request for Web Space

If you are a registered student organization and are interested in a YSU website for your organization webpage, please follow instructions on the Personal and Group Services page.