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The Choose Ohio First Scholarship Program (COFSP) is a state-funded program for Ohio Residents pursuing a major in a STEM field. The program comprises two components: A Summer Math Bridge for high school sophomores and juniors and a scholarship program for YSU students pursuing an eligible STEM major.

  • COFSP Summer Math Bridge Program (for current high school students)

    The COFSP Summer Math Bridge is a free 4-week on-campus program intended to support and enhance the math skills of high school students who are interested in pursuing a STEM major in college. Particularly, the program addresses the gap in knowledge that often occurs between Algebra II and Pre-Calculus/Calculus. Eligible participants must be currently enrolled in (or have already completed) algebra II and must have a minimum 2.5 GPA. Eligible students who participate in the summer bridge program receive priority consideration for a COF scholarship if they attend YSU and pursue a COF eligible STEM major.


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  • Choose Ohio First Scholarship Program (for incoming freshmen)

    Ohio residents majoring in an eligible STEM major are invited to apply for the Choose Ohio First Scholarship Program at YSU. Choose Ohio First Scholars receive scholarship support in addition to structured academic support:

    • Scholars are required to attend monthly cohort meetings
    • Scholars participate in an experiential or work-based learning program
    • This scholarship is renewable up to 4 years if recipients maintain a 3.0 GPA and active participation in program activities.

    There are currently two Choose Ohio First Scholarship Programs offered at Youngstown State:

    Student Success in STEMM Careers (YSU SSSC)
    • 23 students per cohort with 4 spots held for pre-nursing majors and 4 spots held for BaccMed students
    • Average $3000 scholarship
    • Participate in annual faculty-guided research projects with other students in the program
    • Present research at various forums, including the annual Northeast Ohio Choose Ohio First Poster Symposium
    Workforce Advancement through YSU STEMM (YSU WAYS)
    • 25 students per cohort with emphasis on recruiting Computer Science, Information Technology, and Electrical Engineering
    • Average $4000 scholarship
    • Focus on career and professional development
    • Required participation in at least one transcribed co-op, internship, or REU

    APPLY NOW for Fall 2023!

    **PLEASE NOTE: The Choose Ohio First Scholarship Program is a tuition-specific scholarship which means it can only be applied to tuition and fees. As such, students receiving remission or other full-ride scholarships may not be eligible to receive both.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Summer Math BRidge Program

  • What is the deadline to apply for the Summer Math Bridge Program?

    Applications for the Summer Math Bridge Program are encouraged to be submitted by May 1 every year. However, they will be accepted up until one week before the program begins.

  • How will I know I've been accepted?

    You will receive a confirmation email shortly after May 1st confirming your spot in the program, along with additional details.

  • Where does the summer bridge program take place?

    The Summer Math Bridge Program takes place on the YSU Campus.

  • Does the summer math bridge program cost anything?

    The Summer Math Bridge Program is completely free of cost. You will receive a parking pass and all instructional materials upon confirmation of your participation.

  • How do I know if I am a good candidate for the summer math bridge program?

    The summer math bridge program is intended to assist students who want to pursue a STEM major but need a little extra boost in math. STEM majors are typically math-intensive, so the stronger your math preparation coming in, the better your chances of success. If you feel like your math skills could use some reinforcement, the summer math bridge program could be for you.

  • What will I learn at the Summer Math Bridge Program?

    The primary content focuses on algebra II and pre-calculus. However, on the first day of class you will take an assessment to see exactly where you are with your math skills. The instructor will work with you develop an individualized curriculum focusing on your areas of strength and weakness.

  • I will be graduating this summer, can I still participate in the Summer Math Bridge Program?

    Yes! Many seniors have participated in the summer math bridge program between graduation and starting their first semester of college. Why? The program is great at prepping you for your first college math courses. We've also been very successful in assisting students who want a higher ALEKS math placement score. This FREE math program could save you THOUSANDS in tuition by helping you to place yourself into a higher level math course.


    Choose Ohio First Scholarship Program