D8 Advance Powder X-ray Diffractometer

The Bruker-Nonius D8 Advance Powder Diffractometer with Cu radiation and optics for high resolution powder data collection can be used both for simple powder diffraction experiments such as phase identification as well as sophisticated high resolution/Rietveld analysis.

It is equipped with a VÅNTEC-1 detector (installed May 2008) for fast simultaneous recording of X-ray diffraction patterns over a wide 2θ angular range. The detector can be used in snapshot mode (fixed 2θ mode) or in scanning mode. With a 50 mm x 16 mm active area and more than 1500 electronically selectable channels, the VÅNTEC-1 is capable of diffraction snapshots more than 100 times faster than conventional scanning detectors.

Nine sample changer setup:

When larger amounts of sample are available, or if odd shaped samples with a flat surface are to be analyzed, the best choice of setup is the 9 sample changer. This setup utilizes a Reflection of Debye-Scherrer setup.

D8 Advance Power Diffractor


In this setup, up to nine samples can be preloaded in plastic sample cups of different sizes (depending on the amount of sample available). Once loaded, the handling of samples is fully computerized and no manual adjustments are necessary. This makes this the ideal setup for rapid and automated collection of a whole series of datasets, and for remote data collection.


9 Sample Changer