Science Facilities

Ward Beecher Hall houses the departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics and Astronomy. The five-story original unit was constructed in 1958, a major addition was built in 1967 and a small addition comprising chemical storerooms was completed in 1997. The building contains 31 laboratories, including a planetarium and greenhouse, nine classrooms, 53 faculty-research rooms and a conference/seminar room.

Other key science facilities include:

  • A recently installed electron microscopy lab and instrumentation, part of STEM's Centerfor Advanced Materials Analysis.
  • The photonics andsemiconductor laboratory in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.
  • Ward Beecher Hall's structure and instrumentation facility for the characterization of non-biological materials.

Technology Facilities

Dedicated in 1986, Meshel Hall is home to computer science and technology students and faculty. The building contains five classrooms and 10 specialized computerized laboratories. The Department of Computer and Information Systems is located on the third floor, while the fourth floor is used as the university's main computer facilities.

Engineering Facilities

Moser Hall, a five-level structure completed in 1967, houses the Rayen School of Engineering and Engineering Technology, as well as YSU's Center for Innovation in Additive Manufacturing with two high-end 3D printers for undergraduate- and graduate-student research.

In addition to 49 laboratories, 11 classrooms, two research and development rooms, and seven conference rooms, it contains the 200-seat, state-of-the-art Schwebel Auditorium. You can also find the Clarence R. Smith Mineral Museum in Moser.

Mathematics Facilities

Cafaro Hall houses the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, the Math Achievement Center, 14 classrooms and four laboratories for STEM students studying mathematics.