Civil and Environmental Engineering Major

Everywhere you turn, you see the work of a civil engineer. That's because they are an integral part of the nation's infrastructure—from roads and bridges to skyscrapers, airports and water treatment plants.

What You'll Study

Civil engineers are responsible for planning, designing and supervising construction of the nation's infrastructure. The expertise of a civil engineer can lead to employment in a variety of industries. Many graduates work for transportation departments, environmental protection agencies, private engineering firms and manufacturing companies, just to name a few.

With continuous ABET accreditation since 1959, the Civil Engineering program at Youngstown State has a formula for success. You'll receive a strong foundation in math, science and the fundamentals of engineering, as well as a broad background in all major areas of the civil engineering discipline.

Instruction on the engineering design process is fully integrated throughout the curriculum to foster the depth of understanding and self-confidence you'll need to think creatively and become a productive engineer after graduation.

Master of Science in Engineering available for this major. 


  • Civil Engineering Major

    The first two years of the Civil Engineering curriculum focus on the fundamentals of engineering, math and basic science. From there, students will delve into a broad variety of civil engineering courses to fully develop competence in all areas of the discipline.

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Internships and Jobs


  •  Vallourec Star
  •  Ohio Department of Transportation
  •  Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
  •  ms consultants, inc.
  •  STV Incorporated
  •  Union Metal Corporation
  •  Ohio EPA
  •  NUCOR


  •  Ohio Department of Transportation
  •  Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
  •  Dominion
  •  Vallourec Star
  •  FedEx Ground
  •  Gateway Engineers
  •  PRIME AE Group, Inc.


One More Thing

Everyone makes you feel so welcomelike you're part of a family. I'm so happy that I chose YSU as my college. I couldn't see myself anywhere else."

Leah McConnell, Class of 2018