Civil and Environmental Engineering MSE

We all look for flexibility in our work, and your education is no different. Personalize your degree with your career goals in mind through our Civil and Environmental Engineering master's program.

What You'll Study

Combining classroom and field experiences, you will have the opportunity to engage in externally and internally funded research while learning from highly qualified faculty.

The master's program allows you to customize your degree through courses in various subdisciplines, as well as the thesis, non-thesis or management plans. The thesis plan allows you to dive into engineering research to prepare you for further education. Choose the non-thesis plan to expand your technical skills for your engineering career. Thinking of a career in more of a supervisory role? The management plan offers coursework in engineering and business to get you there.

The Civil and Environmental Engineering program offers Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) degree with a major in Civil Engineering. Graduate students may choose courses offered in various sub-disciplines of Civil Engineering. In addition, three different program plans are available to students pursuing the MSE degree – the Thesis Plan; the Non-Thesis Plan; and the Management Plan. This structure provides the student with a great deal of flexibility in planning a program of coursework and research that meets his or her specific goals. The Thesis Plan provides experience in engineering research, and prepares students for further education leading to a Ph.D. degree or a career in research and development. The Non-Thesis Plan is designed to expand the student’s technical skills through advanced technical coursework and enhance his/her preparation for engineering practice. The Management Plan allows students to strengthen their technical/engineering background while also gaining basic skills in business that are required as engineers assume management duties in the course of their careers.

Program Overview

Internships and Jobs


  •  Dominion East Ohio Gas Company
  •  ms consultants, inc.
  •  J.R. Johnson Engineering, Inc.
  •  GRL Engineers, Inc.