Current Students

  • Graduation

    The application process for graduation is online, directions can be found in the link above. The fee for applying for graduation in this time frame is sixty-five dollars ($65). Once this deadline has passed, potential graduates will incur a late fee of thirty-eight dollars and fifty cents ($38.50) to file for graduation. Be sure to pick up your cap and gown at the announced dates and times.

    Application for Graduation Instructions Commencement Information

    Apply here for the graduation.

    Questions about filing for graduation?
    If you have any questions about the procedure for filing for graduation or if you have missed the initial deadline, please call the Record's Office (Jones Hall) at 330-941-3182.

  • Graduate Student Forms

    GA Evaluation Form 
    Form to be used to evaluate a Graduate Assistant’s performance at the end of each term.

    Petition for Late Withdrawal Form*
    Form to request a withdrawal from a course with a grade of F assigned due to circumstances beyond the student’s control. Not applicable if the student completed the course.
    Transient Status Form*
    Request for Transient status. Required before taking a course at 
    another institution.
    Transfer Credit Form*
    Request for Transfer of Graduate Credit.
    Undergraduate to take Graduate Course Form
    Application by undergraduate to enroll in a graduate (5800 or higher level) course
    Dual Enrollment Form (for approved programs only)

  • Thesis & Dissertations
  • Travel

    Travel funds are available through the Office of Research Services.  Usually funds are on a first-come, first-served basis to support degree-seeking students who are either presenting papers at regional/national conferences or who are members of panels at such meetings. Student Travel forms* are available through the Office of Research Services.  Please contact with any questions.

  • Grievance Procedure

    The Student Academic Grievance Procedure provides students with a formal channel through which complaints concerning academic matters may be heard. A student must attempt to resolve the complaint by first discussing the issue with the faculty member. If the complaint is not resolved at that level, the student should direct his or her complaint to the department chair and, if the complaint is still not resolved, then to the dean of the college.

    Complaints not resolved following a discussion with the dean will be considered by an associate provost or designee, who will serve as Judicial Chair. Upon his or her review, the Judicial Chair determines whether the complaint is grievable. If the complaint is grievable, it is presented to the Student Academic Grievance Subcommittee. Per the YSU-OEA Agreement, Article 20, academic matters that may be grieved are the following:

    • Material deviation from the grading scale or weight distribution indicated on the course syllabus by the faculty member, to the detriment of the individual student or the entire class.
    • Material deviation of faculty contractual obligations as specified in the article on Teaching Rights and Responsibilities in the Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement, to the detriment of the individual student or the entire class.

    Other areas of contention between a student and a faculty member may not be grieved under this section. The student should contact the department chair of the faculty member's department or the dean of the college housing the faculty member's department for further advisement in these situations.

    Students wishing to file a grievance should contact the administrative assistant in the Office of Academic Affairs for an appropriate referral.  Click on A Brief Guide to Student Academic Grievances for further information on this process.

    A digital copy of the Student Academic Grievance Form is available for download or you can use the electronic submission form. An electronic copy of the Student Academic Grievance Procedure is also available. A student checklist and hearing advisor guidelines are also available.

  • Student Complaints

    For information regarding student complaints, see the student complaint section of the catalog.

  • Diversity of Scholarship

    Call for Diversity of Scholarship

    Tuesday, March 19, 2024 Schwebel Reception-Kilcawley Center

    Every day on the campus of Youngstown State University, students and faculty are engaged in scholarly activity. The Diversity of Scholarship is an annual event to highlight a diverse group of presenters who will discuss their scholarly activity and the role it has played in their university experience. The Diversity of Scholarship event is open to any graduate student completing research, special projects, performances, or other creative work at YSU. Interested students are invited to submit a proposal by Wednesday, February 1, 2023.

    Call of Diversity of Scholarship 
    Diversity of Scholarship Application 2024


    Previous Diversity of Scholarship Event: The 2021 Virtual Diversity of Scholarship Event

    Opening Remarks

    The link above will access opening remarks from: Jim Tressel, Brien Smith, Carol Bennet, and Sal Sanders

    Diversity of Scholarship Presentations

    The link above will access the following student presentations:

    Burak Cetin, Advisor Dr. Alina Lazar, Presents: Federated Wireless Network Intrusion Detection

    Ryan Morton and Jacob Rasey, Advisor Dr. Weiqing Ge, Present: Improving Doctor of Physical Therapy Programs in Addressing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Health in the United States

    Anthony Taddeo, Advisor Dr. David Morgan, Presents: "Alla Boara" Re-discovering the Diversity of Italy’s Folk Music through Modern Jazz Composition

    Mykaela Wagner, Advisor Dr. Gary Walker, Presents: The Right Stuff: How Changing Culture Conditions Affects Muscle Stem Cells 

    Dema Esper, Advisor Dr. Weiqing Ge, Presents: Screening for Food Insecurity Among College Students; Before and During a Pandemic

    Christopher Bansah, Advisor Dr. C. Virgil Solomon, Presents: Innovative Approach of Producing Sputtering Targets through Binder Jet Additive Manufacturing

    Michael Deak, Advisor Dr. Michael Butcher, Presents: Fuzz Today, Gone Tomorrow?: New Insight into the Life Appearance of the Tyrant Dinosaurs

    Kayla Johnston, Advisor Dr. Richard VanVoorhis, Presents: Gaining Perspective Through International Collaboration

    James Malika, Advisor Dr. Clovis Linkous, Presents: Electroless Deposition of CdTe on Stainless Steel 304 Substrates

    Sai Sree Puppala, Advisor Dr. Suresh Sharma, Presents: Using Soil and Water Assessment Tool for Scenario Analysis for Sediment and Nutrient Load Reduction in Atwood and Tappan Lake Watershed

    Lilian Tetteh, Advisor Dr. Charles Vergon, Presents: School Exclusionary Practices in Ohio: Trends and Impacts on African American Females

  • Three Minute Thesis

    Full information on the Three Minute Thesis webpage.