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Check out our links to resources and forms for student veterans or current military personnel - from a GI Bill® Calculator to local county veterans services to recommended reading materials and more.

Help with GI Bill®

First, talk to your certifying official to make sure that everything is squared away with your paperwork.

Second, check with your bank account statements and see what payments you have received from the VA, if any. It would look something like this: US TREASURY 220 VA ED CH33 ***********0 07.

For most issues, the Office of Veterans Affairs, located in the Veterans Resource Center at YSU can address and correct any issues that are affecting your GI Bill®, however, the Mahoning County Veterans Service Commission can also offer services related to the GI Bill®. For instance, if you are being denied benefits or need a letter to prove extenuating circumstances, they can assist you with that claim. Please call (330) 740-2450 and ask for a service officer.


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