Unpaid Account Balance Prevents Registration


University policy requires all unpaid student account balances to be paid in full before re-enrollment and/or transcript services are provided. Please be advised that this policy regarding payment of all past due balances will be strictly enforced.

An unpaid balance will prevent you from registering at the appointed time. In order to avoid any problems or delays when registering, please pay all outstanding balances promptly. You can view tuition statements and pay your student account online at the Penguin Portal - E-services for Students, click on Student Accounts. Any payments received via the online payment website will be applied first to the oldest charges due. Questions regarding outstanding balances should be directed to the Office of University Bursar at (330) 941-3133.

If you decide not to attend any term for which you have already scheduled courses for you MUST officially withdraw from all courses in order to avoid failing grades. The current tuition refund policy) allows for a 100% reduction of tuition charges for withdrawals processed through the 14th day of the term* for regularly scheduled classes. Withdrawals after the end of the tuition refund period (the 15th day of the term or later) do not cancel or reduce the amount owed on your student account, including any deferred balance remaining on a payment plan option.

YSU utilizes the official University e-mail system for all official communication. Failure to read e-mail and/or to view a student account online does not relieve a student of financial responsibility.

(*every day of the week is counted, including weekends and holidays, when calculating a reduction of tuition charges.)