Payment Processing



If paying by check in person or via mail, please be sure that your check is made payable to YSU, is written out correctly, that it has been signed, and that it includes the student Banner ID number (begins with Y00). Include a copy of your tuition statement to ensure that your payment is credited to the correct account. If you deliver a check in person, mail it, or place it in the payment drop box, you authorize us to convert that check to an electronic Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction. That check will then appear on your monthly bank statement as an Electronic Debit. If you do not wish to have your paper check converted to an ACH, you must present it in person, or select an alternative payment method (for instance, credit card).


E-check payments will also be accepted via the Penguin Portal - E-Services for Students, click on Student Accounts (past due old balances cannot be paid online).


A 2.95% convenience fee will be assessed by the processor on all domestic debit card transactions & 4.25% on all international debit card transactions (minimum $3.00 on both).


MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Visa are accepted. Please note there is a 2.95% convenience fee assessed by the processor on all domestic credit card transactions & 4.25% on all international credit card transactions (minimum $3.00 on both). All credit card payments must be processed online via the Penguin Portal - E-Services for Students, click on Student Accounts. Telephone credit card payments will not be accepted.


A monthly payment plan option is available if you cannot pay your balance in full by the payment due date. Payment plan enrollment is not available for the accelerated online programs. You can view payment plan information and account details, including the payment amounts and future due dates, and enroll in the payment plan, via the Penguin Portal:

Go to the Penguin Portal Under “E-Services for Students” click the link titled “Student Account” and then select the information desired (bill and payment information to review statements, make online payments, enroll in payment plan, establish an authorized user, view holds, and select tax information).

Please be sure to read the plan guidelines carefully. Note that there is a payment plan enrollment fee. Payment plan enrollment will not be accepted without payment of the specified minimum amount due. Payments made after the due date, or of amounts less than the specified plan amount, will be subject to a late payment fee. Students are responsible for monitoring changes to their student account. Account details can be reviewed at any time by accessing the account online. Failure to read e-mail notifications, or to view your account online, does not relieve a student of the responsibility to make on-time payments in the correct amount. Any adjustment to your student account (increase and/or decrease) due to registration changes, changes in financial aid awards, assessment of late fees, fines or penalties, or any other transaction will be immediate and will be reflected (after 8:00 am on the following business day) in all remaining balances due, including unpaid payment plan installments.


Includes grants, scholarships, Perkins Loans, or any other type of award made through the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office. Early application for financial aid, including student loans, is STRONGLY encouraged. All awarded financial aid appears as a payment on your tuition statement. If the authorized financial aid amount shown is equal to, or greater than, the total amount due, your payment will be processed without any further action on your part. However, if the financial aid amount shown is LESS than the balance due, you must remit payment of the remaining balance, or enroll online - E-Services for Students, click on Student Accounts) in a payment plan, prior to the due date. If you believe you are entitled to some form of financial aid and none – or an incorrect amount – is reflected on your tuition statement, you must contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office at (330) 941-3505 immediately. It is your responsibility to resolve any financial aid problems PRIOR TO THE PAYMENT DUE DATE and then complete payment, or enroll in a payment plan, in order to avoid assessment of the late payment fee and/or denial of other University services.

*** If you are NOT planning to attend this term, and your tuition statement shows a financial aid amount awarded, you MUST officially withdraw. You may do this by processing a complete withdrawal via the MyYSU Portal prior to the end of the 100% withdrawal refund period (see Important Dates). Failure to do so may result in owing a financial aid repayment. ***


If you are expecting to receive a Direct Stafford Student Loan, the loan amount will not be reflected on your account as a payment until the loan funds are actually received (by federal regulation, this can be no earlier than 10 days prior to the first day of the term). Early application for student loans and other types of financial aid is strongly encouraged. Loan applications that have been processed, and disclosed, will appear as part of“ Authorized Aid” on your tuition statement, and is reflected in the balance due. You will be notified via e-mail when the Student Accounts Office receives the funds from your lender. If you have NOT been notified by the due date on your tuition statement, you must contact the Student Accounts Office at (330) 941-3133 to discuss alternate payment arrangements in order to avoid assessment of late payment fees.

*** If a Stafford Loan amount appears on your tuition statement, and you would like to cancel all, or part, of this loan you must send a written notice to the Office of Student Accounts within 14 days of your tuition statement date. Please be advised that cancellation amounts must be in whole dollars (no cents). Upon receipt of this notification, loan proceeds will be returned to your lender. Keep in mind that cancellation of a loan disbursement will cancel all subsequent disbursements of the same loan. ***