Instructions on How To Sign Up For a Payment Plan

Payment Plan

A monthly payment plan option is available if you cannot pay your balance in full by the payment due date. You can view payment plan information and account details, including the payment amounts and future due dates, and enroll in the payment plan, via the Penguin Portal:
Go to View My Bill and log in. Click on the Payment Plan tab at the top of the page and follow the instructions
Payment Plan enrollment must be processed online. Please be sure to read the plan guidelines carefully. Note that there is a payment plan enrollment fee. Payment plan enrollment will not be accepted without payment of the specified minimum amount due. Payments made after the due date, or of amounts less than the specified plan amount, will be subject to a late payment fee. Students are responsible for monitoring changes to their student account. Account details can be reviewed at any time by accessing the account online. Failure to read e-mail notifications, or to view your account online, does not relieve
a student of the responsibility to make on-time payments in the correct amount. Any adjustment to your student account (increase and/or decrease) due to registration changes, changes in financial aid awards, assessment of late fees, fines or penalties, or any other transaction will be immediate and will be reflected (after 8:00 am on the following business day) in all remaining balances due, including unpaid payment plan installments.


Is there a payment plan enrollment fee?

Yes. There is a $50 enrollment fee. This fee is due at the time of enrollment, along with the first installment payment amount.

What if I do not make my payment on time, or pay less than the installment amount due?

Your account will be subject to a $50 late payment fee each time the full installment amount is not paid by the due date.

I set up a plan and viewed my installments. Now the installment amounts have changed – why?

Any time you have new charges your plan installment amounts will go up. Any time you have payments or other credits, your plan installment amounts will go down.

Why do I see the message, “You do not have enough eligible charges,” when I try to enroll?

You may not have any charges for the term specified in the plan, or you may owe less than the minimum amount required for plan enrollment.

Can I make my plan payment online only? I normally pay by cash.

All payment plan installment payments must be paid online.

Must I wait until my installment is due to pay it? Or can I pay smaller amounts each week?

You can make payments of any amount toward your installment at any time. Note, however, that
total payments LESS than the payment plan amount will be subject to a late payment fee.

How is my financial aid considered in this plan?

Any authorized financial aid (or memo aid, i.e. Stafford Loan) at the time of plan enrollment is deducted from your total amount due and the remaining balance is eligible for enrollment in the payment plan. Subsequent financial aid awards (after plan enrollment) are spread equally over the remaining payments – thereby reducing the remaining installment amounts.

If I scheduled a payment outside the plan, and financial aid pays my balance, will the scheduled payment automatically be cancelled?

No. If you schedule a payment outside the plan, then make the payment by any other means, you must cancel the scheduled payment. However, if you schedule a plan installment and financial aid pays your balance, your plan installment will be considered paid.