How to Pay Through TransferMate

How It Works

TransferMate (Direct Link)

  1. Go to Penguin Portal
    1. Log in to your student account
    2. Click on the TransferMate payment link in the Announcement section
    3. Select the Country you’re paying from
    4. Choose preferred payment method
  2. Complete Payer Details
    1. Provide some basic information
    2. Set up an account
    3. Confirm
  3. Make Your Payment
    1. Send your funds through Transformate via your chosen method
  4. Receive Confirmation
    1. Receive email updates
    2. Track your payment throughout the process online
  5. To Add an Authorized User
    1. Click on Authorized Users under The Profile Setup on the right side of the page
    2. Click on Add Authorized User
    3. Enter email address of your Authorized User
    4. An automated email including a link, username and temporary password will be sent. Your Authorized User will use this information to log in and set up their own profile.
    5. After setup, all Authorized Users making tuition payments on your behalf will access the system directly through the Authorized User portal.