Billing and Fee Payment

Student accounts are billed each semester (bills will be issued approximately the 15th of July for the Fall semester and 15th of December for the Spring semester, and payments are due approximately the 10th of the following month respectively). Go to Online Programs for information on billing for accelerated online programs. ALL tuition statements will be issued electronically and must be viewed on line. Paper bills are never mailed If you need a paper copy of your statement, you may print it directly from the website. An e-mail notice that the bill is online for your review will be sent, to the student and all authorized users, each time a new statement is released as well as each time account activity alters a payment plan balance. This statement, as well as all subsequent tuition statements, will also be available online for your review via the Penguin Portal:

Go to View My Bill and log in to review statements and make online payments or enroll in payment plan, establish an authorized user, view holds, select tax information.

You can make your payment online at this same website, using a credit card (MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Visa ); or electronic check. Please note there is a 2.95% convenience fee assessed by the processor on all domestic credit card transactions & 4.25% on all international credit card transactions (minimum $3.00 on both). You may also enroll in a payment plan, for current term charges, at this website. All tuition balances are due in full by the due date unless you enroll online in an authorized payment plan. Please note, if your balance is not paid in full by the due date, or you have not enrolled online in the payment plan, your account will be subject to late payment fee assessment.

Students may designate another individual as an “authorized user(s)” by going to mybill , log in, and click on Authorized Users on the right side of the page. Follow the instructions to set up an authorized user.Once an authorized user has been set up by the student, that individual will also have online access to the student’s tuition statements by logging on at Youngstown State University Student Account Suite. Online payments can also be made via this website. E-mail notifications will be sent to both parties whenever a transaction is processed.

Please note, if a payment is made by credit card and subsequently a refund is due, it will be issued by direct deposit directly to the student. The Youngstown State University e-mail system is the official means of communication, and all students and employees are responsible for information sent to them via their Penguin Portal account. It is the policy of this institution that:

  • all students, faculty, and staff have access to e-mail, and
  • the university will send official communications via e-mail and electronic mailing lists

Please be advised that failure to read e-mail, or regularly review your student account online, does not relieve a student of the responsibility to make on-time payment in the correct amount. Any adjustment to your student account (increase and/or decrease) due to registration changes, changes in financial aid awards, assessment of late fees, fines or penalties, or any other transaction will be immediate and will be reflected (after 8:00 am on the following business day) in all remaining balances due, including unpaid payment plan installments. Your account can be reviewed at any time by accessing your online account via the link

Online payments are strongly encouraged. To pay online go to View My Bill.

Students wishing to make payments are encouraged to make their payment via:


By Electronic check (no service fee charged)

By credit card - (a 2.95% convenience fee assessed by the processor on all domestic credit card transactions & 4.25% on all international credit card transactions (minimum $3.00 on both)).

PAY BY MAIL AT: Youngstown State University, Attention University Bursar, 1 Tressel Way, Youngstown OH 44555

Mail checks only (no credit card OR cash payments by mail)


Deposit checks OR Money Orders only (no cash or credit card payments). Please write your YSU Student ID Number on all checks.

Please be sure to include a copy of your statement (this can be printed from the payment website) with your payment, and note your Banner ID number (begins with Y00) on your check. Do not mail cash, or put cash in the express payment drop box.

If you deliver a check in person, mail it, or place it in the payment drop box, you authorize us to convert that check to an electronic Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction. That check will then appear on your monthly bank statement as an Electronic Debit. If you do not wish to have your paper check converted to an ACH, you must present it in person, or select an alternative payment method (for instance, credit card).

Payments made online or in person, or received via mail or the payment drop box, after the payment due date may be assessed a late payment fee. If your account is paid partially by financial aid, you must either make full payment of the remaining balance due - or complete online enrollment in a payment plan with payment of the required minimum amount ( - by the payment due date in order to avoid late payment fee assessment.

Questions regarding billing and/or payment of fees should be directed to the Office of University Bursar at (330) 941-3133, or in person at Room 227, Meshel Hall. Any payments received via the online payment website will be applied to the oldest charges first. Please note that the University reserves the right to change any fee at any time, without notice, by action of the University Board of Trustees.