YSU’s Posting Guidelines

Where to post

Individuals or groups may post notices, posters and materials on designated bulletin boards located in Kilcawley Center, Residence and Dining Hall , Court Yard Apartments, and Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center identified below:
COMMUNITY BOARDS: posting permitted by any individual or group

  • Across from Penguin Xing (Kilcawley Center)
  • Portable Community Board in The Cove (Kilcawley Center)
  • Lobby (Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center)
  • Christman (Dining Hall)
  • Court Yard Apartment  (near Mailboxes)

UNIVERSITY EVENT BOARDS: for campus department or Registered Student Organization use only

  • Stairwell outside of Chick-Fil-A (Upstairs and Downstairs, Kilcawley Center)
  • Vending area closest to Chestnut Room (Kilcawley Center)
  • Lobby (Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center)
  • Residence Halls (Lyden, Cafaro Wick, Weller, Kilcawley House)
  • Court Yard Apartments (Building 1 and 2)


  • All posted materials must comply with YSU board policies, including 3356-4-17 Posting on campus and 3356-4-21 Campus free speech.
  • Each posting must clearly identify the date on which the material should be removed, no later than 14 days after original posting. Date stamp and labels are available at Penguin Xing on the second floor of Kilcawley Center.
  • All postings on University Event Boards must have the name and contact information of event planners visible.
  • To ensure adequate space for all, postings may not exceed 11” x17” in size.
  • No commercial notices may be posted.
  • Posters promoting establishments that sell alcoholic beverages or relating to alcohol will not be permitted. However, posters promoting alcohol awareness and responsible decision-making will be permitted.

Removal of Materials and No-Post Zones

Postings may be removed after an event has occurred or after 14 days of being posted. If a removal date is not included on the posting, it may be taken down.   Events posted on University Event Board are for campus departments or registered student organizations only. All others will be removed.

Notices may not be posted on trees walls, windows, doors, partitions, lockers, mailboxes, woodwork, elevators, restrooms, labs or other structural features inside or outside the buildings. Notices posted outside authorized areas will be removed.

Division of Student Affairs staff  or designee will monitor and remove expired materials and materials that violate this policy.

GO to the Policies by Number / 4 - Facilities webpage

to read
YSU Policy 3356-4-17
Posting on Campus
YSU Policy 3356-4-21
Campus Free Speech

or visit the
University Policies website.