Summer Festival of the Arts 2018 Artists

Artist information Media Sample

Barbara George & Edward Villabona — Phoebe Art — Poland, Ohio


Glass art designs that feature reds, oranges and yellows with designs that are circular or birds and can hang from windows

Bryn Young & Denice Cherico — Larry and Boo's Emporium — Akron, Ohio


Three pillow owls propped up on a blue velvet chair. The owls range in a variety of colors between pink, brown, purple and green with flowers as eyes

Laura Cohn & Jennifer Lutton — JLC Designs — Newton Falls, Ohio


Brown and yellow necklace

Sarah Moynihan & Deanna Guerrieri — My Beverly Jewelry — Canfield, Ohio


Necklaces with colored pendants with flower designs

Anderson, Laurie J. — Artistic Designs by Laurie — Mineral Ridge, Ohio


Laurie Anderson

Antonetti, Mary — Nautilus Creations — Zelienople, Pennsylvania

Fine Crafts

Gold handmade necklace

Ardinger, Tracy — Crestview Artisans — Leetonia, Ohio

Jewelry, Fibers/textiles

A beaded bracelet with orange and yellow beads

Armeni, Tony — Armeni Sculpture — Youngstown, Ohio


A black metal sculpture designed by Tony Armeni

Barko, Bob — Steel Town Studios — Youngstown, Ohio


A carousel design with a timeline along the bottom

Bell, Robert & Elena — Beautiful Bags — Munroe Falls, Ohio


A tan purse with pink and purple flowers embroidered on the front

Beltz, Liz — The Dragon Smith — Niles, Ohio


A metal knife and knife case

Bertanzetti, Linda Ann Marie — L.A.M.B. Handwoven Rugs — Columbiana, Ohio


A handwoven rug with red, blue, black and white fibers woven into it

Buchholz, Aaron — St. Louisville Glass — St. Louisville, Ohio

Blown Glass

Purple blown glass vase

Caimano, Rinaldo — Rinaldo's Designs — Boardman, Ohio

Wood (Functional)

Five various pot design styles using functional wood

Calevro, Andrea — Mystical Creations — Millbury, Ohio

Wax Candles, Tarts & Fairy Houses

A photo of a vendor booth titled

Cardwell, Lynn — Lynn Cardwell Pottery — Youngstown, Ohio


Blue and gold clay vase

Catanzarite, Joey — Joey Catanzarite Studio — Cleveland, Ohio


Painting of woman

Cercone, Jody — The Studio Workshop — Boardman, Ohio

3D Mixed Media

A display of clocks on a ladder

Coburn, John — Center Earth Pottery — Pegram, Tennessee

Clay (Primarily Functional)

A tall, skinny vase with red, orange and black paint that appears to be dripping from the pot

Cooper, Peggy — Pegasus Panache Creations — Wadsworth, Ohio


A black satchel with blue, tan abd pink silhouettes of buildings and a bird flying over

Coulson, Brad & Linda — Slate Accents — Clarion, Pennsylvania

Reclaimed Slate

Square pieces of slate with golden numbers 1 through 0 stenciled on

Cox, Matthew — McDonald, Ohio

Functional Clay

Clay pot

Crisan, Jennifer — Sharon, Pennsylvania


Painting of the countryside

Crisan, Susan — Sandpiper Soap Company — Hermitage, Pennsylvania

Handmade Soaps

Three blocks of handmade soaps stacked on top of one another

Daugherty, Wendy — Silver Designs by Wendy — Youngstown, Ohio


Silver necklace with the words peace, live as one, and imagine inscribed with a sun and peace sign

Davidson, Tom & Nancy — Hubbard, Ohio

Clay (Primarily Functional)

A teapot made out of clay that has an orange design down the sides to give it a rust appeal

Deighan, Christopher — Chris Deighan Art — Sagamore Hills, Ohio


Black and white drawing

Dolata, Walter M. — W.D. Studio — Hermitage, Pennsylvania

Wood (Decorative)

Santa Claus sculptures made out of wood wearing different holiday and ethnic clothing

Duck, Willie Sr. — Will Duck Art — Youngstown, Ohio


A painting of Muhammad Ali posing in boxing stance

Ellis, Kristen — Galion, Ohio


Pair of pink earrings

Ellson, Monte — Big City Skylines — Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Computer Generated Drawings

A computer generated drawing of Madison, Wisconsin

Falibota, John & Marlene — Abstract Stained Glass — Youngstown, Ohio


A glass piece hanging from a window with a haunted lighthouse portrait

Fankhauser, Carolyn — Heartwood Collection — Canfield, Ohio

Tie Dye Clothing

Tie Dye Dress

Fisher, Richard M. — Leetonia, Ohio


A sepia colored photograph of a train with the words "Chesapeake & Ohio" and "2700" painted on the sides

Fong, Alex — Suwanee, Georgia

Mixed Media

Stitched flowers on a canvas

Gambassi, Diane — Treasures in Glass — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Glass, Jewelry

A glass jewelry box with a heart on top. The box is a purple and pink color

Gurski, Steve & Kim — Fulgur & Bessemer Designs — East Canton, Ohio


A gold necklace with long flower petals as the decorative

Hoff, Michelle — South Dayton, Ohio

3D Mixed Media

Two purple teapots with a purple teacup

Horne, Daniel — Sharon, Pennsylvania


Yellow sculpture

Karg, Christopher — Brookfield, Ohio

Clay (Primarily Functional)

A clay pot with light blue painted on the top and dark blue painted from the middle to the bottom. There is a woven design etched into the bottom area of the pot

Kirby, Terry & Sharon — Spring Creek Psalteries — Massillon, Ohio

Psalteries/wood (functional)

A string instrument made of wood and a man playing the instrument

Kleiner, Gary — All Things Auto Art — Warren, Ohio

3D Mixed Media

Metal Ohio plate

Kolz, Michael Sr. — A Willoughby Potter — Willoughby, Ohio


Blue ceramic pot

Krisher, Sarah — Sarah Krisher Studio — Warren, Ohio


Three photos of handmade jewelry

Lanz, C. Scott — Lanzscape Photography, Ltd. — Youngstown, Ohio


A photo of the mill at Mill Creek Park in Youngstown, Ohio during the fall with the leaves different colors

Lowder, Susie — Budding Arts by Susie Lowder — Powell, Ohio

2D Mixed Media

painting of field with flowers

Lung, Johnny — Export, Pennsylvania


A painting of two birds sitting in a bushel of flowers

Marksz, Bob — Kent, Ohio


A gold, black and silver pendant

Martin, Tim — Sidney, Ohio


A sculpture of an ocean scene with a sea horse, crab and turtle

Matherly, Barbara — Hooray for Crochet — Austintown, Ohio


A mannequin wearing a white handwoven head scarf

McGlathery, Marie — Paper Planet Wearables — Brecksville, Ohio

Jewelry (Recycled Material)

Necklace and earring set that is a combination of blues and tans with a starfish on the pendant

Mellott, Ron — The Nature Gallery — Bloomington, Indiana


A photograph of the moon glowing through trees with fog

Moore, Beth — Sunburst Selections — Rogers, Ohio


A bracelet with a bird and flower charms tied on

Mullen, Wendy — Love of Sparklynn — Cortland, Ohio


Key necklaces with flowers and butterfly wings designed onto the key

Nelson, Kimberly — Captured Light SGS — Atwater, Ohio

Stained Glass

Stained glass swans swimming

Ondash, Jeff — What a Great Gift — Canfield, Ohio


An owl and trees designed from metal

Pankuch, Megan — Bristolville, Ohio

Functional Clay

Blue clay dishes

Peterson, Chandra — Chandra's Passions — N. Bloomfield, Ohio

Wood Carving

Hummingbird sculptures made out of wood

Poffenberger, Kirk — Design Studio — Salem, Ohio


Coasters with a drawing of Mill Creek Park on the surface

Pollack, Andrea — Windows in the Woods Workshop — Aurora, Ohio

3D Mixed Media

Three leaf plates that are painted green and vary in size from small to large

Putz, Lenny — Lifeline Images — N. Ridgeville, Ohio


A photograph of the ocean waves crashing against rocks with a sunset and mountains in the background

Rauschenbach, Daniel — Rauschenbach Art— Struthers, Ohio


Painting of a city landscape

Reese, Justin — JPR Studio — Youngstown, Ohio

Clay (Primarily Functional)

A bowl made from clay that is half light blue and half brown. It has a wooden circle as the bottom

Romaniw, Deby — Deby's Designs LLC — North Olmsted, Ohio


Multicolor triangle necklace

Salter, Diane — Keepsakes by Diane Salter — Erie, Pennsylvania

2D Mixed Media

painting of a bird on a bike

Schneider, Larry — Naturewood Art — Carnegie, PA


Owl painting on wood

Segreti, Tracy — Youngstown, Ohio


A piece of artwork with pink, tan and blue drops on the surface

Sgambellone, Steve — Batik Creations — Cleveland, Ohio


A green shirt worn by a child that is male with a light green frog on the front of the shirt

Shaffer, Russ — Russ Shaffer Embossed Engraving — Wellsburg, West Virginia

2D Mixed Media

sunset painting

Shafron, David — Darbynwoods Fine Woodworking — South Euclid, Ohio

Wood (Functional)

Pot made out of wood

Shakour, Karen — Nature's Gifts — Seven Hills, Ohio

3D Mixed Media

Pendants and jewelry created with beads

Slebodnick, David — Youngstown, Ohio

2D Mixed Media

Painting of man in waves

Smith, Linda "Sorcie" — Facets of Light Jewelry — Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania


A gold ring with a white, blue and green jewel woven in

Stoll, Alex — Stainless Steel Art — Collins, Ohio

Sculpture (Stainless Steel)

A bronze sculpture of a flower with two butterflys on the petals

Takahashi, Lisette — Eardivine, LLC — Miami, Florida



Teets, Ralph & Joanne — Cutting Board Art — Girard, Ohio

Wood (Functional)

A short wooden table with several different colors of woodwork used in the design

Tompkins, Bob — Medina, Ohio


A photo of a blurry window, presumably caused by rain, overlooking a city street with buildings

Tresler, Melissa & Gary — Zim Woodworking — Mantua, Ohio

Wood (Functional)

Painted wooden flowers

Ujek, Emily — Emily Jean Christine Designs — Brecksville, Ohio


Green stone earrings with a silver backing

Umbaugh, Mary — Clay Connection — Hiram, Ohio

Clay (Primarily Functional)

Four tall clay pots with different carved designs around the sides. Two are gray, one is gray and black and the fourth is all black

Webb, Stewart & Susan — ARTECO — Darlington, Pennsylvania

3D Mixed Media

An art deco piece with eight squares stacked on top of one another

Wentling, Ed — Bayou Blues Guitars — Farrell, Pennsylvania

Cigar Box Electric Guitars

A guitar made out of wood

Yazvac, Noreen — Boardman, Ohio


A painting of a trail in the woods with the trees hanging low

Zitello, Lisa & Brent — Fresh Prints Youngstown — Youngstown, Ohio

Printmaking, Fibers/textiles

A young boy wearing a gray

Zukas-Oguz, Evian — EvianZo Designs — Greenville, Pennsylvania


A full size mannequin wearing a woven red and white swirl dress that is cut at tea length and has short sleeves