Guidelines for Reporting Nonattendance F (NAF)

What is NAF?

A nonattendance F (NAF) indicates that a student received an F in the course because he/she did not attend and/or participate in the class for more than 60% of the term. NAF grades are a reporting tool used to ensure compliance with Title 4 Federal Regulations. These regulations affect any student who receives any federal aid.  The NAF grade does not appear on the student’s transcript; the NAF grade will appear as an ‘F’ or ‘NC’ on the student’s transcript.

Why is it important?

Federal regulations require that all institutions who grant federal aid have a system for identifying students that registered for, but failed to attend/participate in more than 60% of their classes and do not earn a passing grade. When a student fails to attend more than 60% of a class and does not earn a passing grade, federal regulations require that faculty identify students who never or stopped attending/participating and provide the last date of recorded attendance/graded material if known.

F v. NAF

F Grade Submission - Student has attended, participated in class, and completed coursework for more than 60% of the semester, but failed to achieve the course objectives. Student earned a failing grade. 


  • Student attends and participates in 60% or more of classes
  • Student attempts, but does not pass tests and/or coursework

NAF Grade Submission - Student did not officially withdraw and failed to attend, participate or complete coursework for more than 60% of the semester.


  • Student does not attend 60% or more of classes
  • Student attends class only to take exams and does not earn a passing grade for the class
  • Student stops attending and/or submitting coursework (unofficially withdraws)

​Submitting NAF Grades - The Two Types of NAFs

1. Student never attended or participated in class: The instructor has no record of attendance or graded material. In the event of online/distance learning courses, the student never participated or contributed.

The first day of the semester must be entered in the ‘Last Attended Date’ field. Banner does not accept a date prior to the start of the semester although the student never attended. In the ‘Attended Hours’ field, “0” should also be entered to indicate the student never attended.

2. Student stopped attending or participating: The student stopped attending class during the semester and/or failed to resume participation.

The ‘Last Attended Date’ should be entered and reflect the last documented date of attendance or participation. In the ‘Attended Hours’ field, a number should also be entered to indicate how many hours the student completed.

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