College for the Over Sixty


The registration process for the College for the Over Sixty program is done entirely via email. Registration for Summer 2024 is now closed.

Below is the step by step procedure to register for the Fall 2024 semester.

The guidelines below must be followed to participate in the College for the Over Sixty program. 
Failure to meet the required deadlines will result in forfeiting your participation in the College of the Over Sixty program for the upcoming semester.
  1. By Monday, July 29, 2024 - Email Darla Ferradino ( to join the College for the Over Sixty program for the upcoming semester. If you are a new participant in the program, you must attach a copy of your current Ohio Driver’s license to this email.  You will receive a confirmation email.

  2. By Monday, August 5, 2024 - Email the class(es) you are interested in taking for the upcoming semester, along with your second and third choice of classes in case your first choice(s) are not available. You may take up to 12 credit hours. Once this information is received, we will email you two registration forms for you to electronically sign.

  3. By Friday, August 16, 2024 - You must return the two signed registration forms we sent you via email to

  4. On Tuesday, August 20 or Wednesday, August 21, 2024 - Our office will complete your registration. If your original class choices are not available or full, we will schedule you for your second or third choices if they are available.  You will be notified either way.

  5. Friday, August 23, 2024 - Every registered participant will receive an email that will include your proof of enrollment for the classes you are taking. The first day of the Fall 2024 semester is August 26, 2024.

Instructions to Look Up Classes

Schedule of Classes 

Please Note:

  • To successfully participate in this program, you must have access to a computer, laptop, or tablet. You will need to have internet access, know how to navigate websites, and be able to participate in an online environment to access assignments, messages from the professor, etc. If you cannot, we strongly suggest you look into taking a basic computer class prior to registration for the program.
  • Only courses with 3 or more available seats at the time of registration are available to College for the Over Sixty program participants.
  • If you have any outstanding balance, we will not be able to register you until this is cleared with the Bursar's office. They can be reached at 330-941-3133.

What is the College for the Over Sixty program?

Each state university or college shall permit any person who is sixty years of age or older and who has resided in the state for at least one year to attend its courses and classes without charging that person a tuition or matriculation fee, provided the attendance is on a noncredit basis, is in courses where classroom space is available, and is approved by the instructors of the courses involved. The university or college may require payment of special fees, including any laboratory fees, if the fees are required of all students taking a course. Each university or college shall issue rules for determining the availability of classroom space and may issue such other rules as it considers necessary to implement this section, including rules exempting from the requirements of this section courses or classes for which special course or training prerequisites apply, in which physical demands upon students are inappropriate for imposition upon persons sixty years of age or older, or in which the number of participating regular students is insufficient to cover the university's or college's course-related expenses. A university or college also may extend to persons attending its courses and classes under this section any other student rights or privileges it considers appropriate (see Ohio Revised Code 3345.27 for more information).

How does the program work?

  • Participants taking classes under this program do not earn college credits. Participants may register for up to 12 credit hours per semester; fall and spring semesters are 15 weeks long while summer semester varies.
  • While tuition for regular college credit classes is covered under the program, participants will be charged a $5 registration fee and any tech/lab/material fees associated with the course(s). Payment is due at the time of registration. The tech/lab/material fees can range from $35-187 per course. Parking on campus during the Fall and Spring semesters is an additional fee of $160, or $18 a week, or $5 per day.  During the Summer semester the fee is $103, or $18 a week, or $5 per day.  You will need to purchase your parking pass at Parking Services, which is located in Smith Hall, 275 Fifth Avenue, Youngstown, OH.  
  • Please go to the schedule of classes to look up what classes are being offered for the upcoming semester and write down the course number (e.g. ENGL 1550) and course CRN (5 digit code) that you would like to register for. Please remember that participants can only chose courses that have more than 3 available seats.
  • After registration for current students has occurred, classes are open on a space available basis to individuals 60 years old and older who have been Ohio residents for at least one year.
  • Participants will be able to enroll in a regular college credit class on a non-credit basis; meaning, participants will audit the class and not be required to take exams or receive grades. If you would like to assess your progress, you may take exams with instructor approval.
  • This program only applies to undergraduate college credit classes (1500-2600 level) and acceptance into each course is at the instructor's discretion. Music and voice lessons requiring individual instruction are not available for participants; specific courses may require instructor approval prior to registration. NO graduate level courses can be taken.

Is there a Credit Enrollment Option?

In 1999, House Bill 147 passed permitting senior citizens to receive tuition-free college credit, providing that the senior citizen's family income is less than two hundred (200%) percent of the Federal Poverty Level Guideline. If the senior citizen meets the criteria for eligibility listed below and there is space available in the course(s), the participant can register for the credit enrollment option by completing an income verification form and submitting proof of income. New students are required to complete an admission application and are subject to acceptance for undergraduate and graduate programs. Income Verification form and all supporting documents must be submitted every term. All forms are supplied through the Office of the Registrar.

Eligibility Criteria: To enroll under the Credit Enrollment Option requires that a participant must be sixty (60) years of age or older; must have been a resident of the State of Ohio for the preceding twelve (12) months; meet current admission requirements; and the participant's family income must be less than two hundred (200%) percent of the Federal Poverty Level Guideline, as revised annually.

  • Participants taking classes under this program DO earn college credits. Participants may register for up to 12 -16 credit hours per semester as an undergraduate or up to 9 credit hours as a graduate student. Please note: fall and spring semesters are 15 weeks long while fall semester varies.
  • The House Bill 147 eliminates the instructional and general fees from a participant’s bill. Fees are payable by check, credit card or cash. The tech/lab/material fees can range from $35-$187 per course. Parking on campus during the Fall and Spring semester is an additional fee of $160, for the fall it is $103, $18 a week, or you can pay $5 a day.