Abbreviations and Acronyms

ACE (āc) - Association of Classified Employees 
Bargaining unit affiliation for classified staff

APAS (ăp-ăs) - Association of Professional/Administrative Staff
Bargaining unit affiliation for professional staff

APC - Academic Programs Committee
Academic Senate committee that reviews all changes in undergraduate programs

ARP - Alternative Retirement Plan
An alternative plan in the State of Ohio.  See CHAPTER 3305 of the Ohio Revised Code or contact Human Resources.

BCHHSBitonte College of Health and Human Services

BCOEBeeghly College of Education
BCOE acronyms:

  • CCC - Community Counseling Clinic
  • CHSD - Center for Human Services Development
  • Project PASS - Penguin Assistants for Student Success, tutoring program with Youngstown City Schools
  • RCA - Rich Center for Autism
  • RSS - Reading and Study Skills
  • TOPS - Transition Opportunities in Postsecondary Settings, program for students with intellectual disabilities including autism
  • YEC - Youngstown Early College

BRE - Business Related Expenses
Forms and Guidelines located on the Purchasing Policies and Procedures Website

CCAC - College of Creative Arts and Communication

CCGS - Council on Graduate Studies
ODHE committee responsible for the assessment of new graduate degree programs   

CCP - College Credit Plus
This program run through Metro Credit offers YSU credit courses to local high school students through dual enrollment. Students may take courses at their high school or on campus to earn YSU credits.

CISP - Center for International Studies and Programs (name changed to IPO 9/15/16)
Located in Jones Hall, Nate Myers, Associate Provost (x2336)

CLASS (clăss) - College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

ConcurOn-line system for requesting reimbursement for travel.

CPC - College Promotion Committee
Representatives from the college elected to make recommendations on candidates for promotion in the college

CSP - Center for Student Progress
Located in Kilcawley Center
Becky Varian, Director (x1450)

CTAGs - Career-Technical Assurance Guides
Part of Ohio's Articulation and Transfer Policy whereby students are guaranteed the transfer of applicable credits from secondary education to college.

DARS (dărs) - Degree Audit Reporting
System Computerized analysis showing how coursework is applied toward degree completion

DAC - Dean’s Advisory Council
College committee that advises the dean

Distance Learning
Distance Education
Web Based
Distance Education acronyms:

  • CRM- Customer Relations Management System
  • LMS- Learning Management System
  • IDDC- Instructional Design and Development Center
  • EIT- Electronic Information Technology

DFR - Director of Faculty Relations
Stephanie Smith (x1547)

DPC - Department Promotions Committee
Tenured members of a department who are elected to make recommendations on departmental candidates for promotion

eCube - Electronic Collegiate Unified Buying Experience
Online purchasing system

E.G.C.C. - Eastern Gateway Community College
Community College formed by the State of Ohio in 2009 to serve the Mahoning Valley

ETS - Extended Teaching Service
Approved retired faculty members can teach up to 11 hours a year within this program which will be ending in 2018-19.

FIL - Faculty Improvement Leave
A one-semester leave

FOAPAL (fōp-ĕl) - Fund Org Account Program Activity Location
Term used in Banner financial system to designate a specific expense or revenue code/location. YSU only uses the first four levels at this time (FOAP).

FTE - Full Time Equivalent
Semester student FTE equals SCH/15

GA/TA/RA - Graduate Assistant (may teach or do research)
Teaching Assistant (must teach)
Research Assistant (graduate assistant not currently a GA or TA, funded by allocation from Office of Research or other department or grant funds)

GER - General Education Requirements
Joe Palardy, Director (x2983)

HLC - Higher Learning Commission
Accrediting body for YSU

HR - Human Resources
Located in Tod Hall

IPOInternational Programs Office (formerly known as CISP)
Located in Jones Hall, Nate Myers, Associate Provost (x2336)

IR/IRPA - Institutional Research
Institutional Research and Policy Analysis Data-collection and analysis office, Phelps Building

MAAG – William F. Maag, Jr. Library
Maag acronyms:

  • CRCCurriculum Resource Center
  • ILLInterlibrary Loan
  • MMC – Multimedia Center

NEOMED (nē-ō-mĕd) - Northeast Ohio Medical University
Located in Rootstown, OH.  YSU is one of the partner Universities.

NTD Form - Non-Teaching Duty Form
Approval form for reassigned time submitted each spring for subsequent academic year.  Also called reassigned time form.

OEA - Ohio Education Association
Union governing faculty bargaining unit

OBOR (O-bar) or OBR - Ohio Board of Regents
Former name of the Ohio Department of Higher Education 

ODHE - Ohio Department of Higher Education
Cabinet-level agency for the Governor of the State of Ohio that oversees higher education for the state 

OOA- Office of Assessment
Hillary Fuhrman, Director (x2453)

OPERS (Ō-pŭrs) or PERS - Ohio Public Employees Retirement System
Retirement System for Ohio public employees (non-faculty)

Q2S (Q to S) - Quarters to Semesters
Conversion of YSU to the semester system (2000)

PLA - Prior Learning Assessment 
College credit for prior learning, awarded through standardized tests or a student portfolio

RACGS (răgs) - Regents Advisory Committee on Graduate Study 
Former name of ODHE Council on Graduate Studies (CCGS)

ROC - Research Officers’ Council 
Advisory Council to the Department of Higher Education

SCH - Student Credit Hours 
Credit hours generated by student enrollment

SI - Supplemental Instruction
SI is a series of informal weekly study sessions led by an SI leaser.
Contact Center for Student Progress (CSP)

SLO - Student Learning Outcomes
What students should know or be able to do upon completion of a course or program

SOAR (sōr) - Student Orientation, Advising and Registration

STEM (stĕm) College - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics 
Established July 2007 during reorganization of College of Engineering and College of Arts and Sciences

STRS - State Teachers Retirement System 
Retirement system in Ohio for teachers

TAGS (tăgs) - Transfer Assurance Guides 
Part of Ohio's Articulation and Transfer Policy whereby students are guaranteed the transfer of applicable credits among Ohio’s public colleges and universities and equitable treatment in the application of credits to admissions and degree requirements

UCC - Undergraduate Curriculum Committee 
Academic Senate committee that reviews all changes in undergraduate courses

URC - Undergraduate Research Council 
Sal Sanders, Dean of College of Graduate Studies, Chair

VSA - Voluntary System of Accountability 
National testing and accountability evaluation required by State of Ohio, Hillary Fuhrman (x2453)

WCBA - Williamson College of Business Administration

Workload Hours
Teaching Hours
See bargaining unit agreement for definitions.

YEC - Youngstown Early College
Youngstown City High School on YSU campus Located in Fedor Hall